QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1388

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Chapter 1388: It’s Time for Lunch

After practicing for a long time, Ning Shu was interrupted by a knock on the door. When she stopped, she could feel a tiny wisp of energy flowing within her body.

This was pretty good. She hadn’t been able to make any energy form previously in modern planes. It was only possible now probably because she had been practicing Unsurpassable Martial Arts.

There was a knock on the door again, then a man’s voice called out, “Mom.”

When Ning Shu got up from the bed and opened the door, she saw Wang Bo and Cai Anqi standing outside her door. Wang Bo was of medium height, with a plain and honest face. His looks weren’t bad, but he was so clearly the honest type that he didn’t have much charm.

Ning Shu asked, “What is it?”

“Mom, it’s time for lunch,” said Wang Bo.

Ning Shu: →_→

They wanted her to make lunch?

Ning Shu glanced at the beautiful Cai Anqi. Although her facial features weren’t that special, they were still very attractive when put together.

“I don’t feel well today so I won’t be cooking.” Ning Shu looked towards Cai Anqi. “Daughter-in-law, can you do it? I’m really not feeling well.”

“Mom, are you ok?” When Wang Bo heard Ning Shu say she wasn’t feeling well, he hastily asked, “Should we go to the hospital?”

Ning Shu waved her hand. “It’s not a big deal. I’m just getting old and not feeling too well. Daughter-in-law, please cook for today.”

Cai Anqi pouted and said, “Then let’s just order takeout. It’s too hot to cook in the summer.” Haha, so it was too hot to cook? So it wasn’t hot when I cooked?

Ning Shu hooked her lips and said, “Takeout is expensive and unhealthy. What we cook at home is affordable and clean.”

Cai Anqi frowned and tugged at Wang Bo’s sleeve. Wang Bo glanced at Cai Anqi, then said to Ning Shu, “Mom, let’s just get takeout.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Alright.”

Cai Anqi almost couldn’t help rolling her eyes. When she had suggested it, this woman wouldn’t agree for the life of her but as soon as her son said the same thing, she immediately agreed.

Tsk, how biased…

Cai Anqi took her phone out and called a restaurant to order food. Ning Shu listened as Cai Anqi ordered food. The dishes Cai Anqi ordered were quite costly.

A typical household’s dish cost tens to hundreds of yuan, and she didn’t order just one. This one meal ended up costing several hundred yuan.

So wasteful. There was no way three people could finish all of this.

This family wasn’t very wealthy, their financial situation was only passable. The original host used to work as a company employee, and now that she was retired, she had a little pension.

There was also the child support that her ex-husband had provided all these years. As of now, her son was also working, but his salary was average.

Initially, Cai Anqi had decided to choose such a family after considering various aspects.

Even after Cai Anqi ordered so many dishes, Ning Shu still didn’t say anything. Wang Bo first glanced over at Ning Shu. When he saw that she didn’t have any objections, he was relieved and went over to sit on the sofa with Cai Anqi and watch TV.

He even peeled a banana for her.

Ning Shu sat on the sofa to wait for the takeout. Soon, the doorbell rang. The takeout had arrived.

Wang Bo settled the bill, put the dishes on the table, then called out to his mother and wife who were still sitting on the sofa, “Time to eat.”

The food on the table was very abundant. Dishes covered more than half of the table and the fragrance was overwhelming.

Ning Shu sat down to eat. Meanwhile, the two on the other side were flirting while eating. Wang Bo kept getting food for Cai Anqi.

Cai Anqi looked a little annoyed and said, “Stop that. I already have a lot in my bowl. You should eat as well.”

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