QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1261

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Chapter 1261: Supposed to be Busy with a Transnational Collaboration Case

Ning Shu practiced the Unsurpassable Martial Arts nonstop. The fact that Jing Shaoze wasn’t coming back just gave her more time to practice. Although the effect of practicing it was very minimal, at least it made it so her heart didn’t feel as stiff.

Even if it was only a psychological effect, it was still good.

After training for a while, sounds came from the computer. Ning Shu opened her eyes and saw that Jing Shaoze, who was supposed to be busy with a transnational collaboration case at the company, had appeared in Ye Xi’s room.

Jing Shaoze turned on the light but didn’t see Ye Xi, so his facial color worsen a little. He then sat on the sofa to wait for Ye Xi to come back.

It was only now that he realized he didn’t have Ye Xi’s phone number, so he had no way of contacting her.

This made Jing Shaoze very annoyed. It felt like this woman had left his control.

Jing Shaoze wanted to go upstairs and ask Ning Shu where Ye Xi had gone, but he had said earlier today that he wouldn’t be home for a couple days. It didn’t seem to be a good idea to appear in front of her again like this.

Jing Shaoze considered things, then went into the bathroom to shower.

Ning Shu watched as Jing Shaoze walked around in Ye Xi’s room like it was his own and curled her lips in disdain. Jing Shaoze sure was hard-working. So in the end, was he trying to get Ye Xi pregnant as soon as possible or was he just infatuated with Ye Xi’s body?

Soon, Jing Shaoze came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. The towel only covered the key parts and fully revealed his muscular and sexy body.

Jing Shaoze lay down on the bed to wait for Ye Xi to come back.

At about ten in the evening, Ye Xi came back from the dinner party that Jing Shaoze’s mother had taken her to. When she walked into her room, she immediately saw that Jing Shaoze was lying on her bed.

He wasn’t even wearing clothes. The bath towel had slipped slightly, revealing his V-line. Ye Xi was so startled that she almost screamed.

When Jing Shaoze saw Ye Xi, his eyes filled with surprise. Ye Xi was wearing an evening gown that highlighted her slim figure and a thin necklace that showed off her beautiful slender neck while drawing attention to her sexy collarbones.

Right afterwards, Jing Shaoze’s facial color darkened and he asked coldly, “Who were you planning on seducing with this outfit?”

Ye Xixi pressed her lips together and said stubbornly, “How I dressed is my own business. I’m a little tired. Please leave.”

“Leave? You couldn’t have forgotten your job, right? Do you think that I want to touch you? As soon as you get pregnant, my job will finally be done,” said Jing Shaoze in a cold tone that was filled with mocking.

Ye Xi’s face paled and she gripped her skirt tightly. Finally, she let go weakly. How she wished that she could say please don’t hurt me anymore!

“I’m really tired today. Can we forget it for today?” asked Ye Xi.

Jing Shaoze angrily got up from the bed and grabbed Ye Xi’s arm, then threw her to the bed. He leaned over her and said, “You hate seeing me this much? Is it because you’ve succeeded in seducing someone else, so now you can get free from me? “

Ye Xi was flustered when Jing Shaoze’s manly scent enveloped her. The scent left after the shower mixed with his natural manly scent, causing Ye Xi to stiffen even as her face flushed.

When Jing Shaoze saw her like this, his heart couldn’t help but soften and he leaned over to kiss her lips.

Ning Shu smacked her lips as she watched this spicy development. They sure knew how to play. They were on the ground, on the sofa, on the wall, the balcony, all while saying all kinds of things that made people blush and their hearts pound.

Any random video from this collection was like a Japanese AV.

The feeling that Jing Shaoze gave Ning Shu was that he had never seen a woman in his life. No, actually, more like he had never enjoyed himself this much before in his life.

Ning Shu couldn’t really hold up anymore. After she woke up from her nap, the two were finally finished. Jing Shaoze had taken a shower and was putting on his clothes as he looked towards Ye Xi who had fallen deep asleep on the bed.

He walked to the bed and reached out to stroke Ye Xi’s face. His gaze was filled with a tenderness that he himself wasn’t even aware of. Afterwards, he turned off the lights, closed the door, and left.

Ning Shu made a copy of today’s video. Inwardly, she scoffed.

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