QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1397

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Chapter 1397: Division of Labor Between Husband and Wife

Ning Shu had Cai Anqi stir fry some vegetables, but Cai Anqi ended up splashing hot oil on herself and rushed to the bathroom in a panic to spray herself with cold water. She feared leaving ugly scars on her delicate body.

Ning Shu watched in exasperation as Cai Anqi ran away without a care for anything else. In the end, she had to take the spatula herself to stir fry the vegetables. She was done cooking after adding some simple seasoning and turned off the heat.

“Let me see if you got burned.” Ning Shu walked into the bathroom and said this to Cai Anqi.

Cai Anqi’s face was contorted in displeasure. She had fair tender skin that would easily leave scars.

“If you’re fine, then you can continue cooking,” said Ning Shu blankly.

Cai Anqi exploded from all the pent up frustration. “I told you that I didn’t want to cook! Why do you insist on making me do it? If you don’t have money to order from outside, I’ll pay for it myself.”

Ning Shu gave a broad smile, and kindly said, “Anqi, this isn’t just about the money. Every day, Wang Bo goes to work to support this family. You aren’t going to work, so you should be taking care of things at home.”

Cai Anqi looked at Ning Shu’s smile and cursed this hypocritical old woman.

She made a resentful face and asked, “Why do I have to end up as the worn-out housewife saddled with all the housework?”

“Because that’s your responsibility. Since you’re married to Wang Bo, you now have to bear the responsibility for this family,” said Ning Shu. “The division of labor between husband and wife is just different. It’s your job to take good care of your family. Of course, if you want to, you can instead go out to find a job, and I’ll do the work at home.”

Cai Anqi sneered and said with malice, “You put it nicely, but look at you. You did your duty to the family, but in the end, you still became an old neglected housewife who got dumped by her husband.”

Ning Shu’s heart gave a spasm, and she was filled with anger.

Ning Shu’s expression turned cold and she said, “Are you so unbridled because you think you’re the only one for my son?”

Cai Anqi wasn’t afraid even when faced with Ning Shu’s anger. Cai Anqi was sick of how this old woman was always acting like a good person. She smugly said, “You can have Wang Bo divorce me if you want. I don’t care.”

Ning Shu looked at Cai Anqi in silence and finally asked, “You don’t want to do the housework?”

Cai Anqi defiantly raised her chin and said, “I don’t want to be a worn-out old wife who only knows how to do housework all day.”

Ning Shu nodded and said, “This means that you’ll only be ordering takeout meals from now on?”

“Yes.” Cai Anqi scornfully added, “If you’re not willing to pay, then I’ll pay,”

“Fine, then only order takeout from now on. You said you wanted to pay for it, so pay for it,” said Ning Shu lightly.

Cai Anqi suddenly felt choked by all the anger in her heart.

Ning Shu went back to the kitchen and started to chop up the chicken to make a stew. Cai Anqi curled her lips in disdain and went back to her bedroom to rest. The day had really worn her out.

Ning Shu finished cooking the stewed chicken soup, but she left the remaining dishes for Cai Anqi to order from outside.

Ning Shu went to knock on Cai Anqi’s door. Cai Anqi had just taken a bath and was lying down when she heard the knock. She swung the door open and impatiently asked, “What now?”

“Wang Bo will soon be returning home from work. You still have to order food,” said Ning Shu.

Cai Anqi curled her lips in disdain and called for food with her mobile phone. She ordered quite a lot of dishes.

But Ning Shu didn’t say anything. She wasn’t the one who had to pay for them anyway.

Cai Anqi lifted her mobile phone and proudly said, “See? It’s something that can be solved by just a phone call. Why make it so troublesome?”

Ning Shu just smiled. Hopefully her heart wouldn’t drip blood when the time came that she actually had to pay for the food.

The food delivery soon arrived. Ning Shu turned to Cai Anqi and said, “Go ahead, give him the money.”

Cai Anqi’s expression suddenly turned sour and she didn’t move. The person who had delivered the meal stood at the door, waiting to receive the money.

Ning Shu smirked and said, “I can pay for it this time. But you’ll have to buy food and cook with me from tomorrow onwards. That way, meals will be fresh and cost-effective.”

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