QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1391

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Chapter 1391: Please Be Understanding

Yang Ziyi greatly resented her daughter-in-law. She had worked hard all these years to raise her son with love. But once her precious son got married to Cai Anqi, he was mercilessly ordered around.

Yang Ziyi normally would have been able to endure all of this. After all, her son had finally managed to get a wife in his thirties, so she was willing to take care of all the things Cai Anqi wasn’t willing to do.

However, the most unbearable part for her was how ruthless Cai Anqi was. She was so loathsome and so shameless! Yang Ziyi felt like all their sincerity had been for nothing.

Cai Anqi was a selfish person. She only thought about herself and never cared for others.

As Cai Anqi ate the noodles Wang Bo had prepared, she was so disgusted with the taste that she was infuriated. In the beginning, she had only picked Wang Bo because she saw that Wang Bo and his mother were the kind type that tried never to offend anyone.

“Anqi, my mother is growing old. Please be understanding.” When Wang Bo saw Cai Anqi’s unhappy expression, he said, “It wasn’t easy for my mother to raise me all these past years. If my mother has done something to upset you, I’ll apologize to you on her behalf.”

As Cai Anqi listened to Wang Bo saying ‘my mother this’ and ‘my mother that,’ she felt even worse.

She used to think that Wang Bo was just an honest and dull person, but now it seemed like he was actually a mama’s boy, who listened to his mother about everything. He was a man with no opinions and no self-confidence.

As expected of a child that grew up in a single-parent family.

Cai Anqi slapped her chopsticks down and pushed her bowl away angrily. “I’m not eating anymore.”

As she got up, the chair screeched against the floor, sounding conspicuously harsh in the silent night.

She stomped towards their bedroom, then paused for a moment at the door and said to Wang Bo, “You can just sleep on the sofa tonight!”

Wang Bo frowned and reached out to stop Cai Anqi from closing the door. He said in a low voice, “Anqi, don’t do this, we just got married. Mom would worry if she sees us arguing.”

Cai Anqi got even more upset when she heard this. “Are you spending the rest of your life with me? Or are you spending the rest of your life with your mother?”

She slammed the door in anger with such a loud bang that even Ning Shu felt the walls tremble despite being in the next room.

Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain. What a bad temper! But, this couldn’t really be said to be a bad temper. It was more like she had grasped Yang Ziyi and her son’s personalities perfectly. If she wanted to get angry with the two, she’d show her displeasure without any qualms. There was no reason at all for her to hold back.

Cai Anqi behaved like it was a great fortune for Yang Ziyi and her son that she married into their family. She acted like she was doing Wang Bo a great favor by agreeing to be his wife, and that if it weren’t for her kindness, Wang Bo wouldn’t have been able to get married at all.

This was the difference between when there was affection and when there wasn’t. If she had any feelings for Wang Bo, she wouldn’t have been able to treat him in this way. However, she didn’t care about Wang Bo’s feelings at all.

The only reason this conflict occurred between these two today was because of Ning Shu. If it had been Yang Ziyi, the original host, she would’ve definitely cooked for Cai Anqi when Cai Anqi complained about being hungry.

But Ning Shu didn’t give a damn, which was what made Cai Anqi so furious. Cai Anqi couldn’t accept it! She felt that it was only right for these people to indulge her. What’s more, she even ended up having to eat the horrible food Wang Bo made.

Wang Bo stood outside their bedroom door desolately for a while, then finally had no choice but to lie down on the sofa in the living room.

When Ning Shu came out of her room, she saw Wang Bo lying on the narrow sofa with only a pillow. He looked very pitiful.

Ning Shu’s heart suddenly filled with heartache. This was the original host’s feelings.

“What happened?” asked Ning Shu.

Wang Bo sat up from the sofa and quickly said, “It’s nothing.”

Ning Shu said, “Couples inevitably quarrel. With time, you will learn to understand each other and get along better.”

“Mom, I’m fine. You should go back to sleep,” said Wang Bo in a low voice.

Wang Bo was also a little unhappy. They had just gotten married, but she was already kicking him out of the bedroom, and for no reason too.

It felt like Cai Anqi was just making trouble for no reason.

Ning Shu said, “You should also go to sleep early. You still need to go to work tomorrow.”

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