QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1378

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Chapter 1378: Came to Promote Longevity Sect

Jiang Le looked at Ning Shu in confusion as he said, “Didn’t you say that we came to promote Longevity Sect?”

Ning Shu said, “I am promoting it now. Didn’t I just defeat Immortal Sect’s Lord Qing Hua, directly forcing the most powerful person to kneel, and establish our might?”

Lord Qing Hua was the youngest soul formation cultivator, and his strength was even more powerful now than before.

Ning Shu felt that if it weren’t for the advantages of her energy dragon and superior divine artifact, it would be very unlikely for her to be able to defeat Lord Qing Hua.

Her strength was improving, but so was his.

Jiang Le furrowed his brows. “Does Master not have any confidence in the Longevity Sect that she herself established?”

Ning Shu put the sky splitting axe away and said lightly, “The humans, demons, and demonic beasts are three forces that balance each other out. The ones that are always fighting each other are the human race and the demon race. When all is said and done, people like us who are discriminated against due to our blood are in the minority. What we need to do is to survive and continue living, not try to vie for glory with the humans and demons.”

Jiang Le pursed his lips. “Then could it be that we should just watch like this?”

“How can that be? If we see anyone that’s not pleasing to the eye, we can go fight them. Let’s fight the demon race. The demon race is also a threat to us.”

The demons would absorb others’ essences, including those of their own race.

“Bring some little disciples with you to fight the demons,” said Ning Shu.

Their situation was really quite awkward. There was no place for them in neither the human race nor the demon race.

How depressing.

Ning Shu gave the group of little disciples each an artifact and counseled them. “Don’t fight against the strong demons. If you can’t beat them, run away. Your eldest senior brother will protect you guys.”

“Yes, Master.”

After the humans and demons sounded each other out, they started to attack each other. However, some people were still paying attention to Ning Shu’s side, guarding against them.

Of course, Ning Shu’s power simply couldn’t be compared to the human race and the demon race.

Jiang Le took a few little disciples along with him to fight at the edges of where the demon race were. Ning Shu constantly watched over those disciples, not letting them receive any harm.

Qing Yue stood beside Ning Shu as he looked at the chaotic warfare being waged between the humans and demons. He said, “Actually, you didn’t need to establish a sect at all. Your cultivation method alone has opened up a new path for these half-humans, half-demons. So what are you working so hard for?”

Ning Shu said, “It’s never a bad idea to have a sect.”

“A sect would only restrict the circulation of this cultivation method,” said Qing Yue. “Once there’s a sect, there will be conflicts of interest.”

Ning Shu rubbed her forehead. She pondered deeply on whether or not she should do something.

Before, Ning Shu had made the Unsurpassable Martial Arts the sect’s cultivation method. It wasn’t supposed to be spread outside, since she was afraid that this method might be cultivated by the human race or the demon race.

But all the scattered half-humans, half-demons in the world couldn’t possibly all join Longevity Sect. Then, she should just make Longevity Sect an organization for the half-humans, half-demons.

Ning Shu released her spiritual energy and rescued a disciple. Then, she swept him back. This was the little disciple’s first time killing a person, so his face was deathly white as he cried and vomited. It made for a very pitiful sight.

Ning Shu didn’t comfort him either. Cultivating was akin to fighting against the heavens and fighting against others. Naturally, they would have to experience these things.

Not long after, Jiang Le brought the group of disciples back. Some disciples’ bodies had wounds on them, so Ning Shu stuffed healing pills in their mouths.

She steered the spirit ship back to the sect.

When they arrived at the sect gate, Ning Shu sat on a chair in the main hall and said to her disciples, “I’m planning on releasing the sect’s cultivation method out to the world.”

The other disciples didn’t have much of a reaction, but Jiang Le furrowed his brows and asked, “Isn’t this cultivation method the sect’s cultivation method? Back then, when you gave it to me, you even made me vow to never spread this outside, saying that the humans were also able to cultivate this. Why do you want to spread it now?”

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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