QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1245

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Chapter 1245: Oooh, So That’s Soul Power

When Ning Shu heard that Ni Jing planned to start over, she was surprised and asked, “You don’t plan to go back?”

The task-taker couldn’t stay in the task world for too long, so Ni Jing could go back and continue with her life.

Ni Jing shook her head. “My body has already gone through so much suffering. I want to start over, but I’m just so angry. They built their happiness by trampling on my bones! What right do they have to be happy?”

Ning Shu nodded. “Ok, I’ll accept this task.”

When she saw Ni Jing, she recalled the days that she had once spent in the hospital. She had also suffered from illness, but she hadn’t gone through something like this.

A faint smile appeared on Ni Jing’s face. It was very gentle, completely different from her angry look earlier. “Thank you.”

Then Ni Jing’s soul gradually disappeared.

Ning Shu was a little puzzled. She asked 2333, “The entrustor always offers up part of her soul, but I’ve never received any soul power. Why is that?”

“One third of the soul power offered by the entrustor is given to you. The system takes the other two thirds,” said 2333.

What a scam! But she hadn’t even seen the one third before.

“Every time you cultivate in the system space, the substance you absorb is pure soul power. What did you think you were absorbing?”

Ning Shu lifted her brows. She hadn’t known what the substance in the system space was. All she knew was that it could strengthen the soul. She never thought that it was actually soul power.

“Then I’ll exchange for a gun. This is a modern plane after all.” Ning Shu then clicked on the system marketplace and went to the guns section. However, she found that she couldn’t exchange for any of the guns. All the exchange buttons were grayed out.

“Why? Why can’t I exchange for one?” Ning Shu was very depressed.

“The task is in a peaceful era. Are you planning to exchange for a gun and shoot down whoever you find annoying? You’re a task-taker. You need to help the entrustor counterattack with your own abilities. Moreover, I told you earlier that the system marketplace had corresponding regulations. If you can’t exchange for it, it means that it’s not allowed to appear in that world,” said 2333 lightly.

“You must help the entrustor truly counterattack and obtain a successful life.” 2333 encouraged Ning Shu, “Good luck! You’ve always done a good job so far. It’s best not to use the things from the system so much. Those who are truly strong don’t rely on these external things.”

Ning Shu: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyone was capable of saying pleasant-sounding words. She was the one carrying out the tasks, not 2333, so scram…

Ning Shu took a deep breath, then said, “Let’s start the task.”

She felt the familiar sense of dizziness, then the sensation of her soul squeezing into a body. Once the soul and the body adjusted to each other, she immediately felt strong discomfort.

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