QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1233

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Chapter 1233: Suspicious Wet Nurse

Ning Shu felt that there was something off about this wet nurse, so she quietly kept an eye on her. However, after she told the wet nurse last time not to eat anything too salty, the wet nurse started behaving and ate the food the kitchen made without complaint.

It made it seem like the incident last time was simply because she was craving salt. Ning Shu didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and the wet nurse took good care of the baby.

Ning Shu was starting to second guess herself. Perhaps she had been too suspicious. Lady Niohuru’s family had carefully selected this wet nurse and the choice of wet nurse related to the survival of the child, so they probably wouldn’t be so careless…

However, after that past incident with a wet nurse, she didn’t dare to just drop all her suspicions.

However, this wet nurse was normal in every aspect. She was with Ning Shu almost all the time.

Ning Shu purposefully kept the wet nurse away from the baby except when the baby needed milk. She tried to minimize the baby’s contact with the wet nurse.

“Waah, wah…”

Ning Shu was in the middle of training when she was interrupted by the child’s cry. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw that the child was kicking his legs in the cradle with an expression of discomfort.

Ning Shu hastily got out of bed and picked the child up. The child immediately arched toward her chest. It was clear that he was hungry. His lips were even a little pale.

Ning Shu put her finger in the child’s mouth and found that his mouth was very dry. He was obviously thirsty.

She didn’t wake up the wet nurse and just poured some water to slowly feed it to the child.

The child was clearly very thirsty since he drank an entire cup of water. He belched, then water flowed out from the corner of his mouth. Ning Shu wiped his mouth a little with her sleeve.

She picked up the child and patted his back gently. Soon, the child fell asleep in Ning Shu’s arms.

However, Ning Shu soon found that something was wrong with the child, because the next day, the child had difficulty pooping. His face was bright red as he pooped. He seemed constipated.

Furthermore, his poop stinked a lot. The child was less than a month old, so he only drank milk. It normally wasn’t possible for something like this to occur.

Ning Shu’s brows furrowed. After cleaning up, she fed the child water and once again, the child drank an entire cup of water.

Why was he so thirsty?

The wet nurse’s food was very lightly flavored.

“Miss Miao Ling, should I feed the little master now?” The wet nurse had just cleaned up. As she spoke, she prepared to feed the baby.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes as she handed the baby to the wet nurse.

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