QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1253

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Chapter 1253: Familiarity Breeds Fondness

Ye Xi was cornered in the kitchen. When she heard what Jing Shaoze said in her ear in his elegant voice, it made her wish she could just crawl into a hole and die. Her face was completely red. “You clearly know that it wasn’t like that!”

“It wasn’t like that? What do you mean by that?” Jing Shaoze’s expression became more and more like that of a rogue. “Weren’t you the one hugging me and saying that you wanted more?”

“Enough already! Stop talking about it!” Ye Xi took a deep breath, but her flush refused to fade. “You clearly know that this was what your mother wanted. Your mother’s seriously insidious. What I signed with her was a surrogate contract, but she actually told me to do that with you… And threatened to withdraw the money otherwise.”

Jing Shaoze scoffed. “You’re simply a woman who could do anything for money.”

“I’m already too far in to back out. I’ll do anything to save my father’s company.” Ye Xi looked up at Jing Shaoze with a stubborn expression.

Jing Shaoze’s brows furrowed unhappily. “You talk like you’re some filial daughter, but in plain terms you’re simply someone who’s willing to cater to a man’s crotch for money. How disgusting.”

Ye Xi’s face had been red, but after Jing Shaoze mocked her like this, all the blood drained from her face. Her little face instantly became pale as snow.

Ye Xi staggered, then pressed her lips together and said stubbornly, “So what if I’m willing to do anything for money?”

“You…” Jing Shaoze was speechless for a moment.

Ye Xi’s expression dimmed. “I know my status. My duty is simply to give birth to a child for the Jing family. I won’t get in the way of you and your wife, but if you trample on my dignity like this again, I’ll tell your wife about this.”

Jing Shaoze’s eyes dilated, then he yanked Ye Xi’s arm hard and said, “If you dare tell Jingjing about this, I’ll make you wish you were dead.”

Ye Xi’s arm hurt a lot due to Jing Shaoze’s ruthless grip, but she gritted her teeth and endured it. She said with a stubborn and mocking expression, “If you really love your wife so much, why did you do… Why did you do that with me? “

Jing Shaoze’s expression was cold. “Of course I love Jingjing. You’re just a commodity to me. I spent tens of millions to buy you, so shouldn’t I enjoy it properly?”

“Besides, for the sake of that money, you came to seduce me. So could it be that I should act upright and ignore your advances?” Jing Shaoze leaned over and whispered in Ye Xi’s ear, “You taste pretty good.”

It really made him want to have another bite.

Ye Xi’s heart trembled and she took another step back, but she ended up hitting the wall. Jing Shaoze stretched out his arm and pressed it on the wall behind Ye Xi. As he leaned over her, he saw that her ears were rapidly turning pink. It was very cute.

He leaned over and licked her ear.

Ye Xi trembled, then hastily pushed him away and covered her ear with her hand as she stared at him, wide-eyed.

Jing Shaoze licked his lips, then gently rubbed his lip with his thumb. His demonically charming manner captivated Ye Xi for a moment.

Ning Shu was standing at the entrance of the kitchen. After hearing this conversation, she realized that, as she had suspected, Jing Shaoze’s mother had been behind this.

Jing Shaoze’s mother had been planning this from the start ever since she found Ye Xi, this surrogate mother. She had never considered using Ni Jing’s eggs.

Ni Jing had heart disease, and it was even congenital heart disease. Jing Shaoze’s mother was probably worried that the child would end up having physical defects.

So Jing Shaoze’s mother had probably found Ye Xi to be a mistress for her son and called her a surrogate mother as a front. That way, once the child was born, the original host would still think that this was her own child.

Ning Shu inwardly scoffed, then looked at the two in the room who were still flirting.

This had all been because Ni Jing couldn’t have a child.

Although Jing Shaoze said that he loved Ni Jing, he was infatuated with the feeling of tumbling with Ye Xi.

And so familiarity bred fondness.

Ning Shu headed back to the living room and sat on the sofa to watch TV.

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