QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1298

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Chapter 1298: 200 Million Yuan

On the day of the court session, Ning Shu arrived at the court with the Ni family.

She encountered the Jing family at the entrance and saw that Jing Shaoze had lost a lot of weight. His skin had also become much darker.

Before, to show his sincerity, he had waited outside her house under the full heat of the summer sun, so he had gotten a lot tanner. The dark skin made him look very unsophisticated.

He didn’t seem good-looking at all anymore.

When Jing Shaoze saw Ning Shu, he opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. Finally, he closed his mouth and just glared at Ning Shu with resentment.

“Ni Jing, how can you be like this?” Jing Shaoze’s mother looked at Ning Shu and said, “If you want to get divorced, just get divorced. What are you kicking up such a big fuss for?”

Jing Shaoze’s mother saw that there were a lot of reporters around so she shot Ning Shu a glower.

Ning Shu’s lips hooked. “I wasn’t the one that called these reporters.”

These reporters were like cats that smelled the scent of fish. They had swarmed over since these wealthy family scandals were their favorite topic.

Back then, countless journalists had gone to snap photos of Jing Shaoze and Ni Jing’s wedding, calling it the wedding of the century.

However, times have changed. When all was said and done, Jing Shaoze and Ni Jing’s marriage only lasted five years. It fell apart before even reaching the ‘seven-year itch.’

“You should be grateful that someone even wants to marry a woman like you,” said Jing Shaoze’s mother contemptuously.

Mother Ni became infuriated. “What did you say? Do you think that people would want someone like your son? He doesn’t even have the ability to give birth, but he spends all his time doing the type of things that only animals do. I must have been blind back then to think that you were a good mother-in-law.”

“Animal? Are you calling my son an animal?” Jing Shaoze’s mother’s eyes widened, then she glared at Mother Ni fiercely. “I dare you to say that again?”

This argument attracted the reporters’ attention and they immediately started taking pictures.

“Enough, stop causing trouble.” Jing Shaoze’s father pulled his wife and berated her in a low tone.

Jing Shaoze’s father looked at Father Ni. “Old Ni, it’s important to be sensible in order to resolve problems properly. If you insist on continuing to blow things up like this, there really will be no going back. Are you determined for us to become enemies?”

Father Ni said offhandedly, “Then let’s just be enemies.”

Jing Shaoze’s father’s pupils dilated and his brows furrowed tightly with worry.

The doors of the court opened and Ning Shu went in first with her lawyer. The others then followed her in.

The judge and the jury entered the room and started going through the pre-trial proceedings. Finally, the trial officially started.

Ning Shu sat in the plaintiff’s seat, far away from Jing Shaoze, who sat opposite her in the defendant’s seat.

The Jing family and the Ni family were sitting in the audience area. There were a lot of journalists also sitting in the audience area.

Ning Shu’s defense lawyer directly demanded that Jing Shaoze agreed to the divorce and paid 200 million yuan to compensate Ni Jing for her emotional distress.

As soon as the lawyer said this, the entire court fell quiet. There was only the sound of the reporters rapidly snapping photos.

Jing Shaoze stared at Ning Shu blankly. “Do you know what you’re saying? 200 million yuan?”

Ning Shu smiled. Her smile was very gentle as she said, “Of course. This requirement is perfectly reasonable because you’re the party at fault. At the same time, I’ll be accusing you of visiting a prostitute. “

Ning Shu took out a USB. “The evidence is all in here. I’ve recorded every single time that you did at home without missing a date.”

“This even contains the conversation in which your mother forced Ye Xi into prostitution. She had forced someone into prostitution under the pretext of wanting a surrogate pregnancy,” said Ning Shu with a smile. Ye Xi had accepted money from Jing Shaoze’s mother. Since money had been involved, it was prostitution. No matter how nicely one put it, it was still prostitution.

The boundary was normally pretty vague so it wasn’t necessarily prostitution, but Ning Shu insisted on pinning this charge on it.

Having an extramarital affair was nothing, but if she made this a case related to public security, then it would instantly become a way bigger deal.

Jing Shaoze had enjoyed himself quite a lot back then, so now he should be prepared to pay the price. A loss of 200 million yuan would be enough to make the Jing family feel quite a lot of pain.

However, they hadn’t seemed this distress when they gave Ye Xi over ten million to be a mistress.

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