QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1315: Can Live Like a Healthy Person

After a moment of dizziness, Ning Shu opened her eyes and found that she was back in the system space. She immediately sprawled out on the sofa, then Ni Jing appeared in front of her.

When Ning Shu saw Ni Jing, she immediately sat back up and asked, “Are you satisfied with this task?”

Ni Jing smiled as she said, “Thank you. I’m very satisfied.”

Ning Shu paused for a moment, then said, “I think you should go back. Your heart transplant operation had been successful, so you can live like a healthy person from now on.”

“I can live like a healthy person, but I still wouldn’t be a healthy person.” Ni Jing shook her head. “And I’ll have to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of my life.”

“Weren’t you also taking medicine before?” asked Ning Shu. It was necessary for Ni Jing to be constantly taking medicine in order to manage her condition. “Your parents were very happy that the operation was successful.”

Ni Jing smiled. “Thank you, but I want to start from a fresh page.”

“Alright then. I wish you good luck.” Ning Shu felt that this was quite a pity. Furthermore, her life after a reincarnation wouldn’t necessarily be as good as the one she had now.

Ning Shu felt that Ni Jing would definitely have a good life if she headed back. She had enough money to squander freely without ever having to worry about her livelihood.

Furthermore, the Ni family wouldn’t force Ni Jing to get married. In some ways, this kind of life was filled with more freedom than most people could get.

However, everyone had their own aspirations. Although she found this type of life very good, Ni Jing wouldn’t necessarily think the same.

She got the feeling that Ni Jing minded the fact that she couldn’t have a baby a lot. Everything had started because Ni Jing couldn’t have a baby.

“No matter what, thank you.” Ni Jing thanked Ning Shu, then her soul started to become increasingly flimsy until it looked so frail that it seemed like a gust of wind would cause it to scatter.

Once Ni Jing disappeared from the system space, Ning Shu immediately turned to 2333 and demanded, “Why didn’t you tell me that someone had entered the system space!?”

2333 explained, “I thought you were already ready to meet the entrustor.”


Would she slumped down on the sofa to get ready to see a guest?

Ning Shu rolled her eyes and said, “2333, you seem so passive aggressive lately. If you’re unhappy with something, just tell it to me straight.”

“I’m not, I’m just urging you on and making sure that you don’t become too conceited. I’m just concerned that you’ll become too complacent since you became an intermediate task-taker,” said 2333.

Ning Shu: →_→

So that meant that she should thank him!?

Ning Shu asked, “I’ve left Ni Jing’s body, but Ni Jing won’t be going back, so what will happen to her body?”

“Natural death,” said 2333.

Ning Shu still felt like it was such a pity. Ni Jing had offered up her soul for a counterattack. Had it all been just to fulfill her wish, then reincarnate in peace?

“Let’s check how many points we got this time,” said Ning Shu as she sat cross-legged on the sofa.

The stats panel appeared in front of her.

Number: 2333

Name: Ning Shu (Intermediate Task-Taker)

Age: 27

Experience: 3150000 (+2000000)

Soul: 300

Life: 71

Intelligence: 210

Charm: 4

Luck: 54

Mental Strength: 130

Martial Arts: 132

Faith: 44 (+20)

Aptitude: 59

Merit: 30

Abilities: Five Rings Shooting Skill, Trashy Combat Skill, Trashy Beginner of Unsurpassable Martial Arts, Basic Poison Concoction, Rudimentary Business Administration Knowledge, Entry-Level Programmer, Entry-Level Lawyer

Acquired Titles: Goddess of War, Altruistic Ancestor

Halos: Benevolent Mother of the World (Empress’s blessing), Model Worker Sis (Chen Xi’s blessing), Chief Halo (Cao’s blessing), Lifelong Friend (Miao Miaomiao’s blessing), Healing Hand (Zhu Suniang’s Blessing)

Fulfilled Ni Jing’s wish: Get revenge on Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi.

Task Completion Degree: 100%

Gained 2000000 experience points.

Gained 40 attribute points.

Gained 20 faith points.

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