QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1236

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Chapter 1236: One Month Old Celebration

“Prince, please spare me!” The wet nurse’s shrill screams were gradually fading.

Ning Shu wondered how Yinzhen would deal with this wet nurse? Would it be like before? She’d be beaten with the plank, then kicked out of the residence?

Yinzhen turned to look towards Lady Niohuru who was holding the child while crying. He sighed and said, “Don’t cry anymore. You’re in your puerperium period, it’s not good for your eyes.”

Lady Niohuru wiped her tears, then said to Yinzhen, “Prince, can you find another wet nurse for the child? This concubine doesn’t even know what to do anymore.”

Yinzhen nodded. “Leave this matter to me. I’ll make sure to handle it well.”

Lady Niohuru smiled weakly and nodded. Yinzhen told the servants in the room to take good care of her, then left.

As Lady Niohuru watched Yinzhen walk away, she looked slightly disappointed. It was clear that someone wanted to hurt her child, but Yinzhen seemed indifferent and showed no plans to deal with it.

“Lady, are you alright?” Ning Shu saw that Lady Niohuru’s expression was a little dazed, so she spoke to ask this.

Lady Niohuru’s tears instantly overflowed. She hugged the child and cried silently.

“Lady, you should be glad. You were able to discover that there were people harboring bad intentions around and was able to protect the child from greater harm.” Ning Shu comforted Lady Niohuru.

“This incident was also due to this servant’s negligence. This servant is to blame for this outcome.” Ning Shu curtsied.

Lady Niohuru wiped her tears and said, “It has nothing to do with you. This wet nurse had impure motives from the beginning. I really have to thank you for your help this time.”

“This servant dares not accept such honor,” said Ning Shu. “Nothing is more important than your health, Lady. You should focus on taking good care of yourself. Everything else can wait until you’re out of your puerperium period.”

Lady Niohuru nodded. For the time being, she was keeping the child with her to take care of him herself, and she only allowed a few trusted people to get close.

Yinzhen soon found a wet nurse.

However, Lady Niohuru didn’t let the wet nurse get close to the child. She would have Ning Shu check things multiple times before she allowed the wet nurse to feed the child.

Lady Niohuru didn’t trust anyone else, so the job of taking care of the child fell on Ning Shu. Ning Shu was seriously worn out.

These days continued until Lady Niohuru was out of her puerperium period.

Probably to make things up to Lady Niohuru and the child, Yinzhen had prepared a one month old celebration banquet for the child and named the child Aisin Gioro Hongli.

Young Lady Niohuru was sitting at the banquet while holding her child. When she heard the name Hongli, she completely froze and tightened her grip on her child. The child in her arms felt uncomfortable and started wailing.

The crying of the child attracted the attention of the people around. Yinzhen looked at Young Lady Niohuru mildly and Young Lady Niohuru hastily started coaxing the child.

However, her heart was in great pain. Why? Her child was already three months old, but Yinzhen hadn’t even given her child a name! And now, Lady Niohuru’s child had the name of Hongli and a one month old celebration banquet .

In contrast, her child seemed so pitiful.

Lady Niohuru looked towards Young Lady Niohuru with an unreadable smile. “Little Sister, why are you personally carrying the child? Why don’t you let the wet nurse hold him? The child is crying so much, perhaps he’s hungry? Why don’t you have the wet nurse feed him?”

“Oh? The child’s wet nurse didn’t come?” asked Lady Niohuru lightly.

Young Lady Niohuru said, “The child doesn’t like the wet nurse so I didn’t bring her here.”

“Is that so?” Lady Niohuru’s eyes were cold.

Young Lady Niohuru nodded. There was no way she would let her child get close to a wet nurse. Her child should obviously be attached to her, rather than be attached to a servant.

Ning Shu stood next to Lady Niohuru while holding the child. When she heard their exchange, she knew that Lady Niohuru now hated Young Lady Niohuru.

Young Lady Niohuru had repeatedly tried to kill her child. Even if it was only for the sake of her child, Lady Niohuru had to confront Young Lady Niohuru.

Ning Shu felt that this was quite unbelievable. Despite being an authentic woman of the ancient era, Lady Niohuru hadn’t taken the initiative to harm people. On the contrary, it was Young Lady Niohuru who had come from the peaceful modern era that had tried to kill a child who didn’t know anything.

No sins of the parents fell upon the child.

However, just because this child was Hongli, the future emperor, she had wanted to kill this child.

Truly, it was the human heart that was the most terrible. It had nothing to do with where they came from.

How were Young Lady Niohuru’s actions different from those of the ancient era women in the inner courtyard? There was no difference. She actually seemed to have even less of a bottom line and personal principles.

There was a difference between actively harming others and passively fighting back.

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