QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1379

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Chapter 1379: Such Silent Disdain

Jiang Le really couldn’t understand just what Ning Shu was thinking. She would do something one moment, and something else the next. She had started the sect as if she were just watching a show and playing around.

After not allowing the divine artifact to be refined by others, she was now saying that she wanted to spread the sect’s cultivation method outside.

Ning Shu said, “It would be pretty good to allow other half-humans, half-demons to learn this cultivation method.”

Jiang Le pursed his lips and said, “Wait until the sect’s powerful enough. Then, they can just join the sect to cultivate it. If you spread the cultivation method, what’s the point of the sect’s existence?”

Ning Shu looked at Jiang Le and said lightly, “People often talk about the warmth of a home. This is the only sect for half-humans, half-demons, how could there be no point?”

“Jiang Le, you seem to have a strong opinion on this.” Ning Shu looked down at Jiang Le.

Jiang Le cupped his hands together and said, “This disciple doesn’t dare. This disciple is just speaking from the sect’s point of view.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Then, go cultivate. Li Shulan, you stay behind.”

Jiang Le pursed his lips and glanced at Ning Shu and Li Shulan. Then, he cupped his hands and took the disciples with him and left.

Li Shulan saluted towards Ning Shu, shouting, “This disciple pays her respects to Master.”

Ning Shu saw that Li Shulan was growing prettier and prettier, and asked with a smile, “How have your days in the sect been?”

Li Shulan said, “I’m very happy.”

“That’s good. I’ll be counting on you to help handle the sect’s matters,” said Ning Shu.

Li Shulan nodded.

“Cultivate well. Do you think that me wanting to spread this cultivation method out is wrong?” asked Ning Shu.

“This disciple will listen to Master,” said Li Shulan obediently.

“I’m asking for your opinion.” Ning Shu observed Li Shulan.

Li Shulan said, “What Master is doing is right.”

Ning Shu: …

After thinking it over, Ning Shu still decided to spread the cultivation technique. She immediately took a trip to Black City and distributed the technique to some half-humans, half-demons. As for whether the half-humans, half-demons would cultivate it, she couldn’t interfere with that.

Meanwhile, Lord Qing Hua and Yu Linger were rather bitter. They didn’t know what poison they’d been poisoned with, but now their bodies were extremely itchy. Lord Qing Hua could still use his high level of cultivation to suppress the itch.

But Yu Linger couldn’t do that. Her cultivation wasn’t as high as Lord Qing Hua’s, so she could only scratch herself without stopping. It could be said that Yu Linger had completely gotten implicated despite being an innocent party. When Ning Shu charged towards Lord Qing Hua, Yu Linger was standing by his side, so she also breathed in some poison powder.

When Lord Qing Hua saw Yu Linger in this state, scratching herself to the point of leaving scars all over her face, he anxiously left to find an antidote.

Lord Qing Hua didn’t attend the big human vs. demon battle this time around because he had hurriedly left to find an antidote for Yu Linger and himself .

He searched for the materials required for the antidote without any rest.

Ning Shu brought her disciples with her to participate in the big battle between the humans and demons. For the most part, she just walked around as she pleased while taking her disciples around to practice.

It allowed Longevity Sect to gain some reputation.

Then, Ning Shu made Qing Yue take her all around the world. If they met half-humans, half-demons, they would impart the cultivation technique to them. In any case, Qing Yue’s teleportation ability was amazing enough to accomplish this.

Ning Shu asked Qing Yue, “How’s your progress in breaking through the void?”

Qing Yue sighed silently. “I’m currently trying to find a point outside the plane. But even to this day, I still haven’t managed to make contact with one.”

Ning Shu could only comfort him. “Do it slowly. You’ll definitely be able to get it in the end. There must be some kind of rule, even though I also don’t know what it is.”

Ning Shu asked 2333 in her mind, “How do you locate the points in the wormhole?”

2333 said, “With this small distance, it can be done through calculations. There are countless points, and they’re not fixed, either. The system can calculate it. But for the kelp, if he wants to break through the plane, he can only rely on himself.”

Frick, it’s become even more complicated.

Ning Shu looked at Qing Yue. “Go slow. You’ll definitely be able to find the point for breaking through. I have high hopes for you.”

Qing Yue looked at Ning Shu silently.

Ning Shu couldn’t stand Qing Yue’s silent disdain. “Whatever you’re thinking, just say it out loud.”

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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