QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1247

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Chapter 1247: Had Predestined Fate

Meanwhile, Ye Xi came back five years later. During these five years, Jing Shaoze hadn’t had any other women. When he saw Ye Xi again, he vowed to get Ye Xi back and forever keep this woman who always provoked him by his side.

This hateful woman had stolen his heart, then disappeared without a trace.

Furthermore, this woman was his child’s mother. So he took his child along to chase after Ye Xi.

At this time, Jing Shaoze was a widowed, highly eligible bachelor. All the women with ambitions wanted to climb onto Jing Shaoze’s bed, but Ye Xi avoided Jing Shaoze like the plague. The hurt she experienced five years ago made her hate and fear this man more than she loved him.

After some setbacks, the two finally got together. One time when they were talking about their childhoods, Ye Xi said that she had encountered a boy when she was little.

The boy had been kidnapped. Since Ye Xi saw the perpetrator’s face, she had gotten kidnapped as well. The two had supported each other and through some clever tricks, escaped. They had held hands as they ran for a very long time.

When this matter was brought up, Jing Shaoze pulled Ye Xi into his arms and said with a sigh, ‘Good thing he hadn’t let go of her.’

They had predestined fate.

After receiving the storyline, Ning Shu almost vomited blood. First of all, setting aside the question of how a kidnapper couldn’t even keep two kids locked up, this later bit about their childhood was completely a forceful attempt to improve their reputations.

Their love was predetermined, so Ye Xi wasn’t a mistress.

Ning Shu could completely understand Ni Jing’s anger now.

Ning Shu sat cross-legged on the bed to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. If she was always collapsing to the ground without warning, clutching at her heart, it would seriously be hard to complete the task.

However, there was very little spiritual energy in the modern era, and this body’s meridians had issues in the first place, so cultivating didn’t have much of an effect.

Ning Shu had no choice but to continue to cultivate slowly.

Knock Knock

Ning Shu who was in the middle of practicing was interrupted by a knock on the door. She quickly lay down and pulled the blanket over herself.

After the knocks, the door opened quietly.

“Jingjing, wake up.” Jing Shaoze walked to the bed and reached out to touch Ning Shu’s forehead. Ning Shu opened her eyes and avoided Jing Shaoze’s hand as she sat up and asked, “What is it?”

Jing Shaoze smiled. He was currently wearing a suit, which made him seem even taller. The spotlessly white shirt cuffs made him look elegant and refined.

Jing Shaoze gazed at Ning Shu, his eyes filled with warmth, as he said, “It’s time to get up and eat, little lazybones.”

Ning Shu tugged her lips into a smile and pulled aside the blankets to get up.

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