QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1308

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Chapter 1308: Give Me The Money

Ning Shu had just hung up when Jing Shaoze called. He said, “Meet me at the coffee shop. If you want the money, you should come.”

Ning Shu lifted her eyebrows. She grabbed the Jiuxin pills, then after a moment of thought, also put an acupuncture needle in her bag. She went with a few security guards to the coffee shop that Jing Shaoze mentioned.

The cafe was empty. Jing Shaoze was the only one inside.

There was a bouquet of red roses in front of Jing Shaoze. Was he trying to flaunt his happy marriage in front of her again?

Ning Shu had the security guards wait at the door and walk into the coffee shop by herself.

“Give me the money.” Ning Shu sat down in front of Jing Shaoze.

Jing Shaoze looked towards Ning Shu. It felt like after this period of not seeing her for a while, her face had gotten more ruddy and her complexion was even better than before.

Jing Shaoze picked up the bouquet of roses and handed it to Ning Shu. “For you.”

Ning Shu: (⊙ 0 ⊙)

Ning Shu was shocked. Shouldn’t these flowers be for Ye Xi? Why was he giving them to her?

She couldn’t quite wrap her head around this.

“No thanks.” Ning Shu didn’t take the flowers. “Give me the money.”

Jing Shaoze frowned. “Is money all you care about?”


Jing Shaoze took out several checks. “Here’s the money you want.”

Ning Shu reached out to take the checks, but Jing Shaoze grabbed her hand. She looked towards him.

Jing Shaoze said, “How could it possibly be that easy to get money? Ni Jing, are you really willing to break up with me like this?”

Ning Shu used her other hand to grab the checks, and then slapped Jing Shaoze with the back of her hand. “Quit trying the tricks you use on Ye Xi on me.”

Jing Shaoze was stunned by the slap, then he tightened his grip on Ning Shu’s wrist. It was like he wanted to crush her bones.

Ning Shu looked towards Jing Shaoze indifferently. “You couldn’t be trying to get back together with me, right?”

Jing Shaoze narrowed his eyes. “What if I am?”

Ning Shu: →_→

“Didn’t you marry Ye Xi?” asked Ning Shu.

Jing Shaoze didn’t speak.

Ning Shu chuckled, then shook off Jing Shaoze’s hand. “You want to trick me out of my money? Keep dreaming!”

How could someone as lustful as Jing Shaoze want to get back together with her?

Ning Shu turned and left. Jing Shaoze got up and grabbed her arm. He said coldly, “How can you only care about money? There’s no way I’m letting you leave today. You won’t be able to get away. I’ve reserved this entire coffee shop.”

Wow, so impressive. Ning Shu shouted for security and several burly men rushed in.

When Jing Shaoze saw the security guards, he let go of Ning Shu’s arm. He looked at Ning Shu and said in an annoyed tone, “You actually brought guards with you to meet up with me?”

“I brought guards because I was meeting up with you,” answered Ning Shu with a smile. Her smile became even brighter as she turned toward the security guards. “Beat him up. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.”

The security guards immediately advanced towards Jing Shaoze. Jing Shaoze backed away as he said shrilly, “Ni Jing, are you really going to be this ruthless? What man aside from me would even take a second glance at you?”

“Beat him up! Make sure to hit where it hurts,” said Ning Shu coldly.

Jing Shaoze was forced to the corner and soon surrounded by the security guards. He seemed to have been planning to take on all five of them this way, but he had really overestimated his skills. He was instantly taken down.

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