QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1237

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Chapter 1237: What Meaning Was There?

After Hongli’s one month old celebration banquet, Aisin Gioro Hongli’s name was recorded in the genealogy, with his mother being Lady Niohuru.

Once something was added to the genealogy, it was set in stone. There was no way to change it. Due to this, Young Lady Niohuru lost her temper and broke a lot of things.

She was angry and felt wronged. Ever since she had transmigrated, she had been living very cautiously and had even become a concubine. All she had wanted was a life different from the one she had in the modern era.

She was now a little lost. She didn’t know what meaning there was to living like this, staying in an inner courtyard with so many other women to wait for a man to cherish them.

She couldn’t even come and go as she pleased.

None of her plans had succeeded. She had tried to plan a bright future for her child, but all her efforts were in vain.


Young Lady Niohuru rubbed her forehead wearily. She was so tired.

But no matter what, she had to continue moving forward. She had to move forward resolutely.

However, soon, Young Lady Niohuru was placed under house arrest for three months. The child she had worked so hard to give birth to almost got taken away by Yinzhen to be raised by someone else.

Young Lady Niohuru kept crying and apologizing, and finally managed to get Yinzhen’s forgiveness.

In reality, Young Lady Niohuru didn’t even know what she had done wrong. However, she had no choice but to apologize to save herself.

Yinzhen was also pretty lenient, to have only put her under house arrest for two months.

When Ning Shu learned that Young Lady Niohuru had been placed under house arrest, she looked towards Lady Niohuru. She didn’t know for sure if it had anything to do with Lady Niohuru.

However, these things had nothing to do with her. She just needed to act as a good wet nurse.

Lady Niohuru was clearly in a better mood now that Young Lady Niohuru couldn’t come visit her under the pretext of being sisters.

Lady Niohuru no longer cared about anything else now and just focused on taking good care of her son. She didn’t try to compete for favor. Yinzhen could come if he wanted, but she wouldn’t ask him to stay.

Ning Shu had transferred some of her energy to Hongli twice, which made Hongli’s body a bit stronger so that wasn’t as easy for him to get sick. This way, it was also easier for her to take care of him.

“Miao Ling.” Lady Niohuru called Ning Shu who was currently checking Hongli’s clothing. Ning Shu walked over and curtsied as she asked, “Lady, what’s wrong?”

Lady Niohuru reached out and took Ning Shu’s hand. She said with a sigh, “Thank you for staying by my side during this time. If it weren’t for you, I’d definitely be in a complete fluster.”

Ning Shu curtsied. “This is this servant’s duty.”

“Regardless, I still have to thank you,” said Lady Niohuru with a smile. “From now on, you’re my personal maid.”

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