QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1395

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Chapter 1395: Drink This Small Bottle

Cai Anqi had never imagined that Ning Shu would one day make her kill chickens and pluck their feathers. She was a classy and beautiful lady. Why did she have to do this sort of thing?

Cai Anqi quickly shook her head. “I don’t know how to. I really don’t.”

It was scary to even imagine such a thing.

“It’s alright. Even if you don’t know how, you can always learn. You’ll slowly get the hang of it.” Ning Shu softly said, “I’ll go boil some hot water, then you can help me with the chicken. When Wang Bo comes back home for lunch, he’ll be delighted to taste your cooking.”

“Mother, I really can’t do such a thing,” said Cai Anqi with a helpless look on her face, while she cursed Ning Shu in her heart.

Why did she have to do such a thing?

Cai Anqi now regretted choosing to join this family. They seemed loyal and honest at first, but in reality, they liked to come up with all sorts of ways to bully people.

Cai Anqi nervously glanced around to think of an excuse and quickly blurted out, “I think I’m having a heatstroke.”

Ning Shu silently observed Cai Anqi and said, “We have essential cooling balm and some liquid herbal medicine that can help relieve summer heat and make you feel better.”

As Ning Shu spoke, she took out the herbal medicine and the essential balm. She unscrewed the cap of the herbal medicine and handed it to Cai Anqi. “First, drink this small bottle of medicine and then apply some of the essential balm.”

Cai Anqi gave a disgusted look at the herbal medicine in Ning Shu’s hand. It looked nasty just by its color. She quickly waved her hand and refused, “I’ll just lie down. There’s no need to drink this.”

Ning Shu forced the medicine into Cai Anqi’s hand and insisted, “Don’t be fussy and drink this. How can I let my precious daughter-in-law feel any discomfort? Wang Bo will also be upset if you were to fall ill.”

“I don’t need any medicine, Mother.” Cai Anqi wanted to just toss it away.

“Don’t you have heatstroke? This will make you feel better.” Ning Shu held Cai Anqi’s chin and poured the bitter medicine into her mouth.

Cai Anqi was forced to gulp down the liquid, and an indescribable taste instantly rushed into her mouth. It also had a strong smell of wine, which made her throat and stomach burn as it went down.

Cai Anqi violently coughed as tears ran down her face.

Ning Shu took the essential cooling balm and instructed, “Here, put some of this on your temples.”

Cai Anqi waved in refusal. “I feel much better after drinking the medicine. No need to apply this.”

“That’s good.” Ning Shu smiled warmly at her and said, “I’ll go ahead and boil some water. Remember to help me kill and clean the chicken later.”

Cai Anqi was so angry that she wanted to blow up at the old woman but recalled that she had been caught getting naked in front of a camera.

This old woman probably didn’t understand what she was doing, but she couldn’t guarantee that this old woman wouldn’t tell Wang Bo.

Although Wang Bo was honest and loyal, he was also a young man with pride.

Cai Anqi didn’t want to give up on Wang Bo yet. He had a good temper. She could hit and scold him all she wanted. As soon as she apologized and acted a bit cute, he would let it go.

After considering all this, Cai Anqi could only meekly follow Ning Shu back into the kitchen.

Ning Shu had finished boiling the water and had brought out the chicken from the bag. The chicken’s legs were tied. Ning Shu laid it on the ground.

Ning Shu looked towards Cai Anqi who was apprehensively standing at the door and said, “Hurry and come in.”

Cai Anqi unwillingly entered the kitchen, and Ning Shu closed the kitchen door behind her. Cai Anqi nervously asked, “Why are you closing the door?”

“Lest the chicken flies out.”

Cai Anqi became more anxious after hearing that.

“Come and kill the chicken.” Ning Shu handed the kitchen knife to Cai Anqi, pointed at the hen, and said to Cai Anqi, “Pluck some of the feathers around the chicken’s neck first, and that’ll make it easier to bleed the chicken out later.”

Cai Anxi looked at the hen that was making gurgling sounds, and her heart trembled. She fearfully reached out to pluck the feathers. As a result, the hen angrily pecked at her hand.

Cai Anqi immediately screamed in pain and drew back her hand that was pecked green by the hen.

Ning Shu sighed, “Why don’t you grab the chicken’s neck first and then pluck the feathers?”

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