QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1300

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Chapter 1300: A Woman Like You

“Can you hold up?” asked Ni Yan.

“I’m fine.” Although she was a little out of breath after talking too much, attending court didn’t require her to argue so it wasn’t a problem.

“Ni Jing, you greedy, malicious woman! You actually want 200 million? You think your broken body is worth 200 million!?” Jing Shaoze’s mother yelled at Ning Shu. “The Jing family must have acquired eight generations of bad luck to marry a woman like you! You backstabber! Who would dare take a woman like you?”

“What about those nasty things that you did? The Jing family had married a woman who acted as a pimp and treated the house as a brothel. Getting a woman like you must also be another eight generations of accumulated bad luck,” replied Ning Shu unhurriedly.

“Oh right, your son can’t have a child anymore so your husband’s looking for a surrogate too. I hope you won’t encounter a surrogate mother like Ye Xi,” said Ning Shu with a sweet smile. “It’s not easy to get a child made the natural way after all.”

“You…” Jing Shaoze’s mother was so angry that her facial muscles were trembling. She pointed at Ning Shu. “You sharp-tongued, vicious wretch!”

Jing Shaoze’s mother lifted her hand to slap Ning Shu but Ni Yan caught her wrist and flung her hand away. “Do you think you have the right to hit a member of my family?”

“Enough, stop making a ruckus!” yelled Jing Shaoze’s father, his expression dark.

After yelling at his wife, he looked at Ning Shu and said, “This was my fault. As the head of the family, I am to blame for something like this happening.”

“You knew about it, but you silently approved,” said Ning Shu lightly. “I was simply a fool to the Jing family, a fool that all three of you toyed with. I won’t back down on this matter. I want a divorce certificate and 200 million as compensation for the emotional distress.”

Jing Shaoze’s father’s facial color became ugly and he said coldly, “You really refuse to let this go?”

“We refuse! What are you trying to intimidate my daughter for? We will fight this lawsuit to the end!” Father Ni pulled Ning Shu behind him. “Don’t forget that your son is currently guilty of visiting a prostitute. You should get ready to have him be detained for at least three months. I’ll tell you now, there’s no way we’ll drop this matter just like this. If it comes to it, we can both get destroyed.”

“Look at what a wonderful idea your wife came up with. She wanted to have an illegitimate son inherit the Jing family and maybe even inherit the Ni family? What fanciful thinking! She can keep dreaming!” said Father Ni angrily.

Jing Shaoze’s father rubbed his forehead, his facial color extremely poor. He looked at Ning Shu and said, “We can agree to the divorce and give you 200 million yuan, but you have to give back the shares of our company.”

When Jing Shaoze’s father said the words ‘200 million yuan,’ his lips were shaking. Taking out 200 million yuan so suddenly was way too much for the family enterprise to handle.

Ning Shu smiled gently and said, “Those shares were my premarital property, so they belong to me. You have no right to ask for it.”

In order to show their sincerity, the Jing family had given one percent of the shares to the Ni family. Father Ni had then given the shares to Ni Jing.

Ni Jing’s name was also written on the share transfer.

At the beginning, Jing Shaoze’s father had taken a fancy to the sales channel of the Ni family and his son also liked Ni Jing, so he had taken advantage of the flow.

He exchanged one percent of the shares for a profitable, large cooperation opportunity with the Ni family.

He only allowed Ni Jing to peacefully keep the shares when he learned that Ni Jing had married over with the shares.

“Besides, I’ve already transferred the shares to someone else,” said Ning Shu offhandedly.

Jing Shaoze’s father’s face darkened but Ning Shu completely ignored it. “I’ve transferred it to Director Li. As of now, Director Li must have quite a lot of shares.”

“There is no way I’ll agree to this divorce.” Jing Shaoze glared at Ning Shu with disgust. “You know Director Li’s ambition, yet you still transferred the shares to him? Ni Jing, you’re too vicious!”

Jing Shaoze naturally knew his company’s situation. Director Li possessed almost as many shares as the Jing family. It would probably only take a little more for him to overtake the Jing family.

When Jing Shaoze found out that Ning Shu had transferred her shares to Director Li, their rival, and the last bit of tenderness he felt for his wife disappeared.

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