QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1243

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Chapter 1243: Advanced Task-Taker?

“Since it was an examination task, there should be an evaluation, right? What’s my task evaluation this time?” asked Ning Shu.

2333 said, “You did pretty well this time, it’s excellent. You got an evaluation of excellent.”

“What’s the evaluation based on?” asked Ning Shu, surprised.

She never thought that she would get an evaluation of excellent.

2333 said, “Everything you do in the task is included in the scope of the inspection. Your will, ability to adapt, and your bottom lines as a person. Any action you take causes points to be added or deducted during the assessment.”

“Oh, so it’s like that.” Ning Shu then asked, “So what’s the use of these evaluations?”

“Maybe it’s useful, maybe it’s useless. Either way, the final result is just a string of data, survival is the most important thing. It’s just like with your initial examination. All your scores were pretty bad, but you still managed to survive,” said 2333. “As of now, our journey is the sea of stars.”

Ning Shu listened to 2333’s impassioned words expressionlessly. Her emotions didn’t get stirred at all.

“How boring,” scoffed 2333.

“Why did the task end so suddenly? Was it because the task was finished?” asked Ning Shu.

2333 explained, “It’s because that was the amount of time specified for this task. Even if you had finished the task, you couldn’t leave the task world until the time was up. Even if you hadn’t finished the task, you’d still have to leave the task world at that time.”

So that was what the silver-haired man meant by the most important thing was to stay alive.

Ning Shu felt a little tired. She collapsed onto the bed to sleep. No matter what, she had to sleep for a while first. The examination task was finally over.

The process had been a bit tortuous, but at least it was finished.

Ning Shu got up after sleeping a while, then stretched. She felt a lot more relaxed.

Then, she prepared to go to have a big meal in the fabricated space. In any case, no matter how much she ate, she wouldn’t get fat, and no matter how much she ate, she wouldn’t feel stuffed. It was awesome.

Ning Shu sat in the restaurant eating while listening to other people converse and gossip.

However, she didn’t hear about anything important.

After leaving the restaurant, she wandered around for a while and checked out the available tools. Of course, she was just window-shopping and didn’t buy anything. These things were not cheap.

Some things were seriously too expensive. Furthermore, she found that points weren’t very valuable. A lot of the tools could only be exchanged for with faith and merit points.

And it just so happens that merit and faith points were the most difficult to obtain, unlike experience points which every task-taker was rewarded with.

When Ning Shu got back to the system space, she asked 2333, “How many points do I need to be promoted to being an advanced task-taker?”

“Twenty million.”

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