QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1303

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Chapter 1303: Let’s End This

Ever since the divorce case started, Ye Xi had been staying in the house. She didn’t dare to go out because as soon as she went out, other people would start pointing at her and whispering to each other about how shameless she was.

They said that she was the mistress and had slept with someone else’s husband under the same roof as that man’s wife.

Although things hadn’t reached the point where people directly yelled at her, it still troubled her.

She bit her lips tightly. This was the lowest point of her life. Nothing could be worse than how things were right now.

Ye Xi never imagined that the gentle Ni Jing could be so ruthless. At the same time, she felt that Ni Jing had seriously been good at enduring things. She hadn’t made any noise even after gaining the evidence.

Ye Xi called Jing Shaoze, hoping he would keep her company. She felt really helpless right now.

Her family also blamed her, saying that she had no self-respect. They said they only wanted her to be a surrogate mother, not for her to become a prostitute.

However, was this money that easy to get? She had done this for the company, for the sake of her father’s company, but now they were blaming her for ruining the reputation of the family.

Forget it. She’ll just count this as her repayment to them for raising her. From now on, she would live for herself.

When Ye Xi called Jing Shaoze, Jing Shaoze was still trying to come up with a way to avoid paying Ni Jing 200 million, so he was very irritated when Ye Xi called him. He told Ye Xi to just stay at home and not go anywhere.

Actually, Jing Shaoze was also very angry with Ye Xi for not realizing that there was a spy cam in her own room. When Jing Shaoze came back from court, he went straight to the room where Ye Xi used to live, but he found that the camera was no longer there.

He became so furious that he smashed everything in the house.

His heart now chilled. He never knew that his wife was actually someone like this. She had clearly found out that he had cheated on her, but she didn’t say a word and acted completely unperturbed.

When he put himself in her shoes, and imagined the scenario in which Ni Jing cheated on him, he became certain that there was no way he would be so calm.

When Ye Xi heard Jing Shaoze’s annoyed tone, she covered her mouth and shed tears silently. Finally, she lifted her head and forced the tears back. “Since that’s the case, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Ye Xi hung up and started packing. She couldn’t bring herself to stay here any longer. She should just leave in order to end it all.

Once she finished packing, she set the house key on the tea table, then looked over the entire house again. Ever since her father’s company started facing an issue, her life had become a calamity and Jing Shaoze was that calamity.

The door suddenly opened, and Jing Shaoze, who said that he wouldn’t be coming today, suddenly appeared at the door.

Ye Xi stared at Jing Shaoze in surprise, then her heart filled with joy. She hadn’t even realized that she had wanted to see Jing Shaoze this much.

Jing Shaoze’s facial color was very ugly and his brows furrowed when he saw the suitcase. He walked up to Ye Xi and demanded, “Where were you planning to go?”

Ye Xi looked towards Jing Shaoze and scanned his face, as if to carve his appearance into her heart.

“You’ve gotten thinner,” murmured Ye Xi softly.

Jing Shaoze grabbed Ye Xi’s arm. “I asked you where you were going! Don’t forget that you belong to me now.”

“You’re in this dilemma because of me, so I want to withdraw from this abnormal triangular relationship.” Ye Xi felt really tired. “Jing Shaoze, let me off, and also let yourself off. Let’s end this.”

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