QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1239

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Chapter 1239: A Proper Return

This was probably the biggest test in this task. She had saved someone else’s life, and now she had to save her own.

Ning Shu didn’t want to fail this task when she was within sight of success, so she drank an ocean-like amount of medicine every day and also applied it externally. She exhausted every single method that she could come up with.

As she struggled against death all alone, she felt lonely like never before. There wasn’t a single person here for her.

Even back then, during chemotherapy, there were still doctors and nurses that stayed with her, but here, all the people in the manor avoided her. It caused a trace of despair to start spreading within her heart. There was an indescribable vast emptiness.

Was the purpose of this to put her through the suffering of being tormented by illness once again?

Ning Shu could barely stop herself from scratching at her face. It was so itchy! However, as soon as this kind of blister was broken, it’d cause more blisters wherever the fluid spread. She couldn’t allow her wretched claws to do as they wished.

Fortunately, after two months of treatment, the blisters on Ning Shu’s face and body slowly began to form scabs. This meant that Ning Shu had survived.

Once the scabs gradually disappeared, Ning Shu applied some herbs to her face to prevent scars. She was going to be Lady Niohuru’s personal maid and would even have to enter the palace in the future.

Without a proper appearance, even if Lady Niohuru trusted her, she wouldn’t be able to keep her around.

After several months of suffering, Ning Shu was fully recovered from the smallpox. She returned to the prince’s residence and Lady Niohuru was very happy to see her.

When Lady Niohuru saw the pockmarks on the back of Ning Shu’s hand, she knew that Ning Shu’s disease was completely cured.

During this time, Lady Niohuru had been constantly on guard to prevent other people from harming her child, so she had been in a constantly tense state. Upon seeing Ning Shu now, she was subconsciously relieved.

It was really important to have a maid with medicinal skills around. She’ll be able to notice if something was wrong immediately.

Ning Shu curtsied and thanked Lady Niohuru. Later, she saw that Hongli could now turn over and could even sit up and slowly crawl.

He was growing pretty fast.

After returning to the residence, she asked around about the little lady. The little lady was now over two years old and could walk slowly by herself.

Ning Shu went to take a look, staying some distance away. The little lady was very healthy, and there were several maids taking care of her. All the servants were doing their best to take care of the little lady.

The little lady was doing better staying at Lady Nian’s side compared to staying with Lady Song. Furthermore, Lady Nian was the secondary consort so her status was higher than that of Lady Song.

As of now, Lady Song no longer wanted to get her daughter back. She just wanted to get pregnant again and give birth to a son. So many women in this inner courtyard had already given birth to a son, so she wanted to give birth to a son even more.

None of this had anything to do with Ning Shu…


The fr*ck!? When will this task be over? It had already been such a long time. Was 2333 dead? She wanted to go back!

“Calling 2333, are you there?” Ning Shu wanted to see if 2333 was malfunctioning. Why hadn’t she been notified to leave yet?

“What is it?” 2333’s voice appeared in Ning Shu’s mind.

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