QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1304

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Chapter 1304: Let’s Get Married

“Let you off? Sure, just give me back the money I gave you and I’ll let you go.” Jing Shaoze’s gaze was demonic.

“How could I possibly have that much money? I gave all the money you gave me to my father,” said Ye Xi, her eyes wide. Then she bit her lips and said, “I’ll pay you back.”

“Pay me back? What are you going to use to pay me back? “Jing Shaoze softened his expression and said, “Just obediently stay by my side and don’t go anywhere. Let’s get married.”

“What did you say?” Ye Xi looked towards Jing Shaoze in shock. “Get married?”

Jing Shaoze said earnestly, “Let’s get married. I’ll give you a grand wedding ceremony. We truly love each other after all, and you’ll become legitimate.”

“What about Ni Jing?” Ye Xi was stunned. She couldn’t believe it. She never imagined that she would be able to get married to Jing Shaoze. She thought that she would forever have to hide in the corner to secretly look at Jing Shaoze.

“Ni Jing? That woman is so vicious. I’m definitely going to divorce her.” Jing Shaoze’s expression twisted sinisterly when Ning Shu was brought up. He said vehemently, “I never thought that she was actually so greedy, vicious, and selfish.”

“But would your parents agree?” asked Ye Xi worriedly.

Jing Shaoze tapped Ye Xi’s nose. “Don’t worry about those things. All you need to do now is stay here properly and wait for me to marry you. Become my wife and let’s live together happily until death do us part..”

“Yes.” Ye Xi was crying with joy. The one she loved was Jing Shaoze. It didn’t have anything to do with his family background. Even if he was infertile, she still loved him.

Jing Shaoze lifted Ye Xi in a princess carry and headed to the bedroom. Ye Xi’s arms were wrapped around Jing Shaoze’s neck. She was as obedient as a cat.

When the second court session started, the Ni family headed to court majestically with bodyguards surrounding them.

In contrast, Jing Shaoze’s side looked conspicuously empty. There was only Jing Shaoze and his defense lawyer. Jing Shaoze’s parents didn’t come this time.

When Jing Shaoze saw Ning Shu, his expression was indifferent and his eyes were full of disgust. He sneered and said, “You’re not worried about bursting from demanding too big a piece of the pie?”

“Even if I burst, I’d still be happy,” replied Ning Shu with a smile.

When Jing Shaoze saw the smile on Ning Shu’s face, he wished he could just tear her face off. This hypocritical smile made people sick.

After walking into the courtroom, Ning Shu sat down on the plaintiff’s seat and Jing Shaoze sat down on the defendant’s seat.

The trial started. Ning Shu’s demands remained unchanged: a divorce and an emotional distress compensation of 200 million yuan.

Jing Shaoze sneered, “Aren’t you being over fanciful, to actually demand 200 million? You didn’t fulfill your responsibilities and obligations as a wife at all during our marriage.”

Ning Shu raised her eyebrows and asked, “How did I fail to fulfill my responsibilities and obligations as a wife?”

“Due to your health, we rarely engaged in sexual activity, so even if I went to another woman, it is understandable.” Jing Shaoze looked at Ning Shu and said in a ridiculing tone, “You really think you’re worth 200 million?”

Ning Shu: Tsk tsk

What a repulsive guy. So now it was her fault? He pushed all the blame to her and acted like he was in the right for cheating on her. That righteous manner of his made her really want to just puke.

Ning Shu sneered, then took out the USB and said lightly, “You’ve never fulfilled your responsibilities and obligations as a husband either. Ever since Ye Xi arrived in our home, we no longer had any intercourse. Furthermore, you snuck into Ye Xi’s room every night.”

“Do you want to see it? I’ve recorded everything. The days and the times are all recorded here.” Ning Shu waved the USB. “There’s a lot, so no need to hold back.”

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