QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1249

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Chapter 1249: Couldn’t Free up This Spot for Free

Ye Xi was already very stressed out about this decision to become a surrogate mother. If it weren’t for her family, there was no way she would still be here enduring Jing Shaoze’s mocking.

Ye Xi saw that Jing Shaoze was always very gentle towards Ni Jing, but whenever he turned to look at her, his gaze was so cold and demonic that it made her heart tremble.

Furthermore, some of his actions made it hard for her stay unperturbed.

Ye Xi felt that Jing Shaoze was completely toying with her.

She took a deep breath and pushed him out of her way. She couldn’t let this man mess with her heart any longer.

As soon as Ye Xi pushed Jing Shaoze away, she saw that Ning Shu was standing at the door. Her face instantly turned pale. “Ni Jing.”

Jing Shaoze hastily turned around. When he saw Ning Shu standing there expressionlessly, he asked with a soft smile, “Jingjing, what are you doing here?”

Ning Shu lifted her eyebrows as she said, “You were in the kitchen for a long time, so I came to see what you were doing.”

“You two are?” Ning Shu’s gaze moved back and forth between Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi.

Jing Shaoze walked over and placed his hand on Ning Shu’s shoulder to lead her away from here.

As he walked away, he turned and glanced at Ye Xi coldly.

Ye Xi’s heart trembled when she saw Jing Shaoze’s cold expression.

Jing Shaoze really did love his wife.

“Shaoze, come here. I need to talk to you about something.” Jing Shaoze’s mother spoke to Jing Shaoze while glancing at Ning Shu.

“Go ahead. I’ll head back to my room first.” Ning Shu brushed off Jing Shaoze’s hand.

“Alright,” said Jing Shaoze warmly.

Ning Shu went back to her bedroom and started considering her next course of action. Since Ni Jing wasn’t going to come back, her task was to deal with Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi.

She might as well just get divorced.

That way she could save herself the irritation of having to keep watching them. However, she couldn’t free up this position for Ye Xi for free.

Jing Shaoze had cheated on Ni Jing.

Ning Shu was deep in thought when Jing Shaoze walked in. He sat down by the bed and said to Ning Shu, “Jingjing, something’s come up at the company so I’ll have to work late. I won’t be coming back tonight, so you be extra careful, ok?”

Ning Shu glanced at Jing Shaoze and asked, “What came up that’s so urgent for you to have to go to the company at night?”

“There’s an urgent cooperation plan to deal with. Since I’m the president of the company, I have to be there.” Jing Shaoze’s expression was gentle.

What lies!

No matter how gentle his expression was, it couldn’t conceal his flickering gaze.

Ning Shu nodded calmly. “Finish the work soon and don’t stay up too late. It’s not good for your health.”

Jing Shaoze reached out and gently stroked Ning Shu’s hand for a moment, then turned and left.

Ning Shu sat down on the bed to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. Her entire body felt very uncomfortable and her heartbeat was conspicuously irregular.

She couldn’t imagine how hard things must have been for Ni Jing. While she was dealing with such a severe illness, her husband actually betrayed her. Ni Jing had wanted to use her illness to pull Jing Shaoze back to her side.

So whenever Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi were together, Ni Jing would pretend to have a heart attack.

However, there was no way this method could pull back a person who now liked someone else. Once someone no longer cared about you, no matter what you did, it was useless.

Once I no longer love you, you’re nothing.

So Ni Jing’s actions only served to torment herself.

Ning Shu, who was covered with sweat from practicing by now, paused her training. She glanced at her watch. It was already eleven in the evening. She hadn’t realized that she had been practicing for so long.

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