QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1284

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Chapter 1284: Can’t Have a Child and Lazy!

Ye Xi felt really helpless. She had only said a total of three words, but it had caused Jing Shaoze’s mother to explode.

She had no choice but to just bite her lips and stop talking.

Jing Shaoze’s mother glared at Ye Xi in disgust, then turned back to Ning Shu.

Jing Shaoze’s mother was no longer as friendly to Ye Xi as before. However, she hated Ning Shu even more for proposing that Ye Xi be the surrogate for her and her husband.

“Ni Jing, go make breakfast.” Jing Shaoze’s mother looked towards Ning Shu. She insisted that Ning Shu made breakfast.

Ning Shu said lightly, “I don’t know how to. I’ve never cooked before.”

Jing Shaoze had just finished showering and came downstairs. His face was pale and his eyes bloodshot. He looked very haggard.

“What’s going on?” asked Jing Shaoze hoarsely as he rubbed his forehead.

When Jing Shaoze’s mother saw her son like this, her heart filled with heartache and she asked, “Shaoze, what happened to you? Why is your facial color so poor?”

Jing Shaoze had lost his usual elegance and dignity overnight. He looked like he had no self-confidence left at all.

A man who was sterile seemed to have no life value.

Jing Shaoze could no longer find his direction, nor any sense of value.

“Are you ok?” asked Ye Xi worriedly. She couldn’t help but recall last night. While they had been entangled, those hot tears had fallen on her face and her chest.

Ye Xi felt great heartache for Jing Shaoze. The way Jing Shaoze had treated her with disgust and all those past hurts had disappeared from her mind.

The only thing she remembered was the sight of Jing Shaoze’s tears, his silent tears.

“Shaoze, what kind of wife did you marry? It’s enough that she can’t have a child, but she’s even so lazy. She refuses to do anything and doesn’t even listen to me.”

Jing Shaoze’s mother complained to her son as she glared at Ning Shu resentfully.

When Jing Shaoze heard the words ‘can’t have a child,’ his face suddenly turned ashen. His facial muscles quivered and his eyes became even more bloodshot.

“Sorry, Mom didn’t mean that! Mom didn’t mean that you can’t have a baby, Mom was talking about Ni Jing.”

Jing Shaoze’s mother saw the look on Jing Shaoze’s face and knew that she had stabbed him in a sore spot. She quickly tried to explain herself, but the more she explained, the worse Jing Shaoze’s facial color became.

“I told you not to make trouble, but you completely disregarded my words!” Jing Shaoze’s father came out of his room and yelled at his wife.

“I-I just wanted Ni Jing to make breakfast, but she wouldn’t listen to me.” Jing Shaoze’s mother looked wronged. When she saw her husband’s scary expression, she was almost about to cry.

Jing Shaoze’s father snapped, “You know she’s not in good health, so why are you telling her to make breakfast? Why don’t you just do it? How can you be so lazy? Is it that hard to just make a meal?”

Jing Shaoze’s mother’s face turned red and her expression filled with resentment when Jing Shaoze’s father scolded her. She was the daughter of a wealthy family who had grown up leading a pampered life. She didn’t even have to get her own water, there had always been servants to bring it for her. But now, she actually had to make a meal?

“You’re cooking with me,” said Jing Shaoze’s mother sharply to Ye Xi.

“Alright.” Ye Xi followed her into the kitchen.

Jing Shaoze’s father said to Ning Shu, “Daughter-in-law, after something like this has happened, I just hope that you and Shaoze could have a good life. Shaoze can’t really accept reality right now, but he’ll get better after a while.”

Ning Shu nodded mildly.

“Neither of you can have children, so you guys can adopt a child. This child can also be registered in the Jing family’s household register,” added Jing Shaoze’s father.

Ning Shu raised her eyebrows and asked, “You mean that our adopted child will also have inheritance rights?”

Jing Shaoze’s father fell silent. It was clear that he wouldn’t hand the Jing family’s large enterprise to someone he had no blood relationship with.

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