QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1213

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Chapter 1213: Lady From Seeping Heart Garden

Lady Niohuru was probably a little impatient now since all the other women had become pregnant one after another. Ning Shu felt that Lady Niohuru really didn’t have to worry though. This was destined, so there was no need to worry.

Ning Shu said, “The lady’s health truly is very good, there is no need for her to take any folk remedies. All medicines are three parts poison, it would only damage her health.”

Tong Yu nodded. “You look like you were working on something earlier, what was it?”

“I made some mosquito repellent sachets. Do you want one? I can give you one.” Ning Shu took out the sachet, “There are so many mosquitoes here in the summer. Wearing this can help prevent mosquito bites.”

“Alright.” Tong Yu accepted the sachet, then left.

Ning Shu was a little confused. There was a doctor in this residence who was always on call so why did Lady Niohuru ask her for advice?

Was she just testing her?

Tong Yu walked into the room and curtsied towards Lady Niohuru.

Lady Niohuru was currently slowly rubbing pearl cream on her hand. It made her hand glisten softly like jade. When she saw that Tong Yu was back, she asked, “What did that girl say?”

“Lady, Miao Ling said that she didn’t have any folk remedies. She also said that medicines were three parts poison and said that you shouldn’t try folk remedies.” Tong Yu reported to Lady Niohuru everything that Ning Shu had said.

Lady Niohuru smiled briefly, then said, “She’s an honest person. If she had tried to take advantage of this to curry favor with me, I really wouldn’t be able to trust her. She had been able to help Lady Song give birth despite the difficult labor, so she has some skills. It’s an asset to have someone like this who knows medicine around. How has she been lately?”

Tong Yu said, “She’s quite honest and does her job properly every day. She also rarely interacts with the other maids.”

Lady Niohuru frowned. “Does she truly have no desires, or is she just hiding her intentions very deep?”

“Let’s talk about this later.” Lady Niohuru touched her stomach with a worried expression. Tong Yu comforted her, saying, “Lady, don’t worry, you’ll definitely be able to conceive

Lady Niohuru simply sighed. Although she had Tong Yu go ask that girl for a folk remedy, she hadn’t necessarily planned to use it. However, it was true that she wanted to get pregnant.

“Lady, the lady from Seeping Heart Garden has come.” A maid came in and said this to Lady Niohuru.

Lady Niohuru’s lips curved. Meanwhile, Tong Yu who next to her curled her lips in disdain and said in an annoyed tone, “What did she come here for?”

“Go call that girl over. Go call Miao Ling,” said Lady Niohuru to Tong Yu. “Have her come serve the tea.”

Tong Yu was confused. “Lady, why are you calling her?”

“Just call her over,” said Lady Niohuru, rubbing her forehead in slight fatigue.

So Tong Yu went to call Ning Shu. Tong Yu looked completely confused, and Ning Shu also looked completely lost. When she walked into the main hall, she saw that Lady Niohuru and Young Lady Niohuru were currently talking to each other.

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