QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1369

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Chapter 1369: Snatched Someone Else’s Beauty

Ning Shu had snatched someone else’s beauty, so naturally trouble would come to find her. As a matter of fact, Black City’s cultivator Hong Tu found their inn and promptly bellowed while hovering in the air, “Who actually dared to touch my person?”

When Li Shulan heard Hong Tu’s voice, she trembled inside the room. She looked pitifully at Ning Shu and said, “Master, please don’t hand me over to him. I’ll definitely be killed by him.”

Countless women had been ruined by Hong Tu. He was a powerful cultivator, so some women were willing to climb up using him. But, this Hong Tu had a quirk, which was, he had a hobby of collecting things. Once he was tired of playing with a woman, he would cut off one of their body parts as a souvenir.

If they were lucky, he might only take some hair or nails. But if they weren’t, they could even lose a finger, eyeball, nose, ear, or even a breast.

All those women who wanted to climb up using Hong Tu did it to protect themselves, but now, they might not even be able to keep their lives, much less get protection.

No one wanted to lose an ear or an eye.

Ning Shu opened the inn’s window and saw Hong Tu’s dark expression. There were many people surrounding the inn. It looked like they had come over to fish in troubled waters.

One of the people in the crowd shouted, “It was Longevity Sect’s sect leader! She even has a divine artifact in her possession!”

When Hong Tu heard the words ‘divine artifact,’ his eyes brightened and his voice grew louder. He roared, “Who’s the leader of Longevity Sect? Obediently come out for me! Otherwise, I’ll slaughter your entire Longevity Sect and have your entire sect die prematurely!”

Hong Tu had never heard of any Longevity Sect. He felt that it was probably just some small sect, so he spoke about exterminating the whole sect as soon as he opened his mouth.

Ning Shu: →_→

Ning Shu had originally wanted to withdraw. This room had both women and children. It wasn’t very convenient to drag along the whole family. But, now that they had been called out this way by someone, she had to confront him.

Otherwise, Longevity Sect wouldn’t have any prestige to stand on. All of them coveted the dDivine artifact in her possession.

How come these cultivators didn’t rush to Immortal Sect to try and get the Xuanyang Sword?

Ning Shu told Qing Yue, “Help me take care of these three disciples. I’m going to fight.”

Qing Yue nodded.

Ning Shu pushed open the door and floated up into the air to face Hong Tu from afar.

When Hong Tu saw that Ning Shu was a woman, he began to leer at her obscenely. As if he were giving charity, he said, “Hand over the divine artifact, and I can let you be my woman. Otherwise, you will die a miserable death.”

Ning Shu smiled slightly. “What if I don’t?

“Then, I can only catch you alive. First r*pe then kill. Then, you’ll naturally be mine,” said Hong Tu, as if that was how it should be. “Heh, what sect? The sect leader is actually a woman. Are there actually no men in your sect?”

The sky splitting axe appeared in Ning Shu’s hand with a thought. She blew on the sharp edge of the axe, then said indifferently, “The divine axe is in my hand. If you have the ability, come get it.”

When Hong Tu saw the divine axe, his expression became excited. He absolutely looked down on Ning Shu, so he just stretched out his palm to grab the axe from Ning Shu’s hands.

Ning Shu circulated her energy and waved towards Hong Tu’s lower body. The axe shadow merged with the strength of the coiling dragon’s spiritual energy as it heavily attacked Hong Tu’s privates.

Hong Tu’s expression immediately froze. He looked down at his lower body, which was dripping blood, and let out a heartbreaking cry. Then, he fell down towards the ground from mid-air.

Hong Tu, who had fallen on the ground, covered his lower parts. His face was pale. Even if he had immense power, at this time, he was just like an ordinary man. His face was filled with pain and shock, causing it to be extremely distorted.

No one around approached him. Some men even covered their own privates. Just looking at him hurt.

Ning Shu saw many cultivators flying over from not far away. She shouted towards Qing Yue, who was in the room, “Kelp, let’s run now.”

She shouted, but Qing Yue who was in the room didn’t move.

Ning Shu could only shout again, “Qing Yue.”

Only then did a piece of kelp as cold as black iron extend out from the window and wrap around Ning Shu. Under everyone’s gazes, Ning Shu disappeared.

The crowd looked at each other in dismay.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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