QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1361

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Chapter 1361: Reputation Establishing Battle

The temptation of acquiring the divine artifact was just too great. It could make people go crazy for it, especially since its owner wasn’t particularly powerful. Lots of people wanted to give it a try, since they might very well find themselves in possession of the divine artifact after.

“Wake up. We’re being hunted down,” Ning Shu told Jiang Le, who had completely gotten carried away with cultivating.

Jiang Le opened his eyes and felt his body brimming with power after cultivating, but he also felt incredibly hungry.

“Master, this disciple is very hungry,” said Jiang Le. Even the hunger that he felt after starving for two days in the past couldn’t compare to this.

Ning Shu knew that his current state was an aftereffect of practicing the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. The lack of energy in his body could only be supplemented by food. Ning Shu took out some fasting pills from her space storage bag and handed them to him.

Jiang Le had to eat a whole bottle of pills before his hunger pangs were alleviated.

When Ning Shu went out, she saw that the room had been surrounded by cultivators. That red-faced cultivator from Divine Wind Sect had actually also caught up. Divine Wind Sect was truly very persistent in trying to get the sky splitting axe.

The sky splitting axe appeared in Ning Shu’s hand with a single thought. As soon as it appeared, the cultivators started to stir restlessly.

They stared at the sky splitting axe in Ning Shu’s hand with fiery eyes.

The red-faced Divine Wind Sect cultivator said, “Give me the divine axe, and I’ll spare your life. Otherwise, my Divine Wind Sect can only inform all the other sects and have the entire human race unite to hunt you down.”

“This person is a demon. Every single one of the demon race should be put to death for their crimes. But, if you hand over the divine axe and this demon, I’ll let you guys go,” said the red-faced cultivator in a righteous manner.

Clearly, he had already talked to the villagers and knew that Jiang Le was half-human, half-demon.

Jiang Le’s face was gloomy and his lips were pursed tightly. He looked at the red-faced cultivator with eyes full of killing intent.

Ning Shu sneered and slowly raised the sky splitting axe into the air. She declared loudly, “Today will be Longevity Sect’s reputation establishing battle.”

“Jiang Le is a disciple of my Longevity Sect. Whether he’s beaten and killed, it’ll never be your place to decide.” Ning Shu raised the sky splitting axe and a giant axe shadow formed behind her back. This shadow carried immense pressure, seeming as if it could split open the entire sky.

In order to demonstrate her power, Ning Shu drew out all the spiritual energy in her body, draining it completely. The spiritual energy dragon merged into the giant axe, making it increasingly larger, until it seemed big enough to cover the skies.

The red-faced cultivator of Divine Wind Sect looked up at the giant axe shadow and his body trembled in excitement. If he could obtain this divine axe, then the Divine Wind Sect would be able to become a first-rate sect. If he could obtain this divine axe, he could even revolt against the Divine Wind Sect.

The pressure emitted by the giant axe became heavier and heavier, then it hacked towards these people with seemingly all the power in the heavens and earth. When the cultivators saw this move, most of them didn’t choose to confront it head on, and instead chose to quickly hide.

Besides, the attack power of a divine artifact wasn’t something that they could just casually block.

The giant axe swung down and the ground underneath their feet shook. Some people, who were too slow to escape, were instantly blown far away by the gales created by this giant axe.

Ning Shu raised the sky spitting axe and swung it towards the red-faced cultivator of the Divine Wind Sect. People who always invoked the name of justice and righteousness when they were clearly just doing it for their own gain annoyed her the most.

Didn’t he just want the axe in her hand? He wanted to maintain a good reputation while doing immoral things, how shameless.

Today, she insisted on teaching this person a lesson. Just because he had a dignified poise and sagelike features, he actually thought himself to be something great?

When the red-faced cultivator saw Ning Shu charge towards him, he also took out his own artifact and started to fight with her.

Ning Shu didn’t hesitate to take out the sky splitting axe and directly hack at her opponent’s artifact. Every time they clashed, his artifact would jolt.

The red-faced cultivator was angered to death. This artifact was tied to his life. Now that it had been hacked away like this by someone else, even though it was his artifact that suffered physical harm, the damage done to his own strength was even greater.

Ning Shu lifted the axe up high. The sky splitting axe vibrated slightly, emitting a clear sound. Then the power of the coiling dragon along with the axe shadow chopped down towards him.

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