QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1389

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Chapter 1389: Leftovers Aren’t Healthy

Cai Anqi had ordered so many dishes that there was no way they could finish eating them all. Moreover, Cai Anqi didn’t even eat much, so there was a lot left over.

After Cai Anqi finished eating, she pushed her bowl away and left the table. The thought of cleaning up never occurred to her, she headed right back to her bedroom.

Wang Bo was going to clean the table, but Cai Anqi paused at their bedroom door and called Wang Bo over, “Come here! I need you to help me grab something. I can’t reach it.”

Wang Bo looked towards Ning Shu and she said, “Go ahead, I’ll clean up.”

Wang Bo walked towards Cai Anqi happily and Cai Anqi closed the door behind them. Who knew what they were up to in there?

As Ning Shu looked towards the mess on the table, her lips curled in disdain. She wrapped all the leftover dishes with plastic wrap, put them in the refrigerator, then started on washing the bowls.

After getting out of the kitchen, she saw that the couple’s room was still closed. These two could stay inside their room for nearly half the day without coming out at all except to occasionally get water.

Ning Shu didn’t really mind it. Wang Bo was definitely thrilled to finally have a wife so it was normal for him to stick with her a lot.

What she had to do was to make sure that Cai Anqi didn’t live comfortably and that she didn’t get any money during the divorce.

Things had clearly gone sour between them because Cai Anqi had too many miscarriages and so couldn’t have children anymore, yet she had blamed Wang Bo for the miscarriage and demanded a lot of money for a divorce.

The fact that Yang Ziyi and Wang Bo had been pretty naive had also contributed to this. Wang Bo had wanted to get rid of Cai Anqi even if it meant that he had to give her money.

Ning Shu headed back to her room and began to practice the Unsurpassable Martial Arts again. Her new body always felt uncomfortable because of menopause and endocrine disorders.

When it was time to have dinner, Wang Bo and Cai Anqi finally came out of the room and sat down on the sofa. Cai Anqi played with her mobile phone, and Wang Bo just sat at the side and watched her.

Ning Shu dumped the leftover dishes back into the pot for a while to warm them up, but the color of the food was unappealing, and they had also become quite soggy.

The sight of those dishes would ruin all appetite.

When Cai Anxi saw the meal that Ning Shu had prepared, her expression darkened. She clearly wasn’t happy as she plopped down on the chair.

Wang Bo naturally noticed that Cai Anqi wasn’t happy, but on the one hand, this was his mother who had lived with him for more than 20 years, and on the other hand, this was the woman he liked, his wife.

Wang Bo was a simple man so he had no idea how to deal with this situation.

Cai Anqi saw the helpless look on Wang Bo and was furious. This blockhead! In the beginning, she had thought that he seemed honest but now, it was clear that it was not honesty at all, but stupidity!

Ning Shu’s lips hooked as she said, “Let’s eat. There were a lot of leftovers from lunch so I heated them back up.”

Cai Anqi picked up her chopsticks, but as she looked at the dishes, she couldn’t bring herself to eat. She couldn’t help but say, “Mother, leftovers aren’t healthy. Eating them would even ruin your health.”

Ning Shu looked at Cai Anqi. “Then you want to throw all this food away? This was all bought with money. It’s not easy for Wang Bo to earn money, so we should save some money whenever we can.”

Cai Anqi’s lips curled in disdain as she retorted, “People work to earn money for the sake of a better life. Why else would you work to make money? Mother, you’re being too frugal. If you eat unhealthy food and get sick, you’ll lose way more than you gain.”

“Don’t you agree?” Cai Anqi nudged Wang Bo’s leg with her foot under the table. Wang Bo had no choice but to say, “Mom, Anqi has a point.”

Ning Shu glanced at Wang Bo and said, “Since you know that we can’t finish all this, why did you order so many dishes? If we can’t finish eating them all tonight, we’ll continue to eat them tomorrow morning. We’re having them until we finish them all.”

Cai Anqi was so upset that she slapped her chopsticks down, stormed back to her room, and slammed the door.

Wang Bo hurriedly got up, but Ning Shu saidsoftly, “Sit down and eat. There will always be conflicts within the family. It will take time for us to understand each other.”

Wang Bo had no choice but to sit back down. Ning Shu said, “It’s not that I’m reluctant to give you guys good food, but some waste is unnecessary. We should all learn to save a little. Having extra money on hand could help us deal with emergencies that come up in the future.”

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