QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1280

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Chapter 1280: No One Cared About her Feelings

However, if they used embryo transfer, they could choose healthy eggs to fertilize and allow the young Ye Xi to carry the pregnancy.

The child would at least be healthier than if Jing Shaoze’s mother gave birth to it.


“No way!”

Jing Shaoze’s mother and Jing Shaoze voiced their disagreement in unison.

Jing Shaoze, who hadn’t spoken since the incident, finally opened his mouth. His eyes were completely red as he glared at Ning Shu. It made his expression look extremely sinister. “Absolutely no way.”

“Yes, there’s no way, no way…” Jing Shaoze’s mother’s face was pale. She seemed terrified as she shook her head and kept saying no.

See? People just didn’t understand the pain until they experienced the pain of being stabbed themselves.

Jing Shaoze’s mother had found a surrogate mother for her son. If it was just that, it would have been fine, but she even had her son sleep with the surrogate mother.

She completely disregarded Ni Jing’s feelings.

Right now, Ning Shu had only proposed for Ye Xi to act as a surrogate mother for the two of them through artificial insemination, but Jing Shaoze’s mother already couldn’t take it.

The surrogate mother who had slept with her son would now carry a pregnancy for her and her husband?

What a twist!

Ning Shu raised her eyebrows. “Why not? In any case, Miss Ye is a surrogate mother. We only need to borrow Miss Ye’s body to give birth to a child.”

“No way.” Jing Shaoze’s mother gnashed her teeth as she looked at Ning Shu. “Don’t ever bring this up again.”

Ning Shu closed her mouth and sat at the side silently.

Jing Shaoze was breathing heavily as he looked towards Ning Shu, his eyes red. “Jingjing, how could you let Ye Xi be the surrogate mother for our parents’ child? How could you? Don’t you know that…”

“Big Brother Shaoze, why not? Miss Ye’s here to give birth to a successor for the Jing family and Big Brother Shaoze, you can’t really…” Ning Shu paused for a moment. “The Jing family has such a large family business, how can the family go without a successor? This is all for the Jing family. Father and Mother would understand.”

“Everything is for the sake of this family,” said Ning Shu.

Jing Shaoze’s mother’s face was deathly pale. She looked towards her husband with tears in her eyes and sobbed, “Dear, you won’t let Ye Xi be a surrogate, will you? Dear…”

Ye Xi was our son’s woman!

Ning Shu said sternly, “Mother, why don’t you let Miss Ye be a surrogate? Could it be that you want to give birth yourself? With artificial selection, you guys can make a healthy child that inherits your genetics.”

” Mother, this is all for the sake of giving the Jing family a successor.” Ning Shu said to Jing Shaoze’s mother, “This will still be your child.”

“Shut up…” Jing Shaoze’s mother roared at Ning Shu, “You wicked woman, what do you mean by this? What do you mean by insisting we have a surrogacy?”

Ning Shu was taken aback. “Isn’t Miss Ye here to be a surrogate mother? The only thing that’s changed is that she’ll be carrying the pregnancy for you and Father instead. Besides, Mother, you were the one that found this surrogate mother. “

“Enough, stop arguing.” Jing Shaoze’s father interrupted the quarrel between Ning Shu and Jing Shaoze’s mother sternly.

“Let’s talk about this later. Ni Jing, look after Shaoze.” Jing Shaoze’s father rubbed his forehead in exasperation.

Ye Xi, who was standing nearby, seemed dazed. She felt like she was just a commodity, a commodity that could be dealt with at will.

Furthermore, she was a commodity whose only use was to carry a pregnancy.

She’d have to carry a pregnancy for whoever they decide. No one ever asked her for her opinions on this, they completely disregarded her existence.

No one cared about her feelings.

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