QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1366

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Chapter 1366: Get that Wooden Basin

After receiving the new suggestion, Qing Yue sank into his own one-person world. During their journey, only Ning Shu and Jiang Le beat and killed things as they got closer and closer to their destination which was the boundary between the human race and the demon race.

The number of people following them grew more and more in number, but when they saw Ning Shu and Jiang Le, who were ruthlessly crushing everything in their way, very few people chose to jump out and provoke them. Instead, most of them chose to silently monitor these three people.

They would wait for their sect’s powerful people to arrive before doing anything else.

The border was extremely chaotic. Humans and demons mixed together, and there were many half-humans, half-demons.

Ning Shu planned to accept a few pleasing-to-the eye disciples first.

At the border, there was a city called Black City. It had numerous shops that traded treasures of both the demon race and the human race.

This was a gray area that was recognized by both races. There were numerous demons and humans with strong cultivation bases here.

Ning Shu’s group of three headed towards Black City. They hadn’t yet reached Black City when they passed by the river and saw a woman holding a wooden basin in her hands.

There seemed to be something bundled up in clothes in the tub.

The woman hurriedly placed the tub in the river. Then, she lifted the edges of her skirt and ran off, brushing past Ning Shu. Ning Shu saw that her face was extremely pale, and there were blood stains on her skirt.

It seemed like she had just given birth. She looked panicked as she pulled out a flying sword to run away. Behind her was a group of people flying on their swords chasing that woman.

Ning Shu looked at the wooden basin floating in the middle of the big river and told Jiang Le, “Pull the wooden basin back.”

“Master.” Jiang Le wasn’t happy.

“Quick. It’s about to float away.” Ning Shu lifted a foot and kicked Jiang Le into the river.

At present, Jiang Le’s strength wasn’t enough for him to fly in the air, so he could only swim towards the wooden basin and grab it before swimming back.

Jiang Le presented the wooden basin to Ning Shu. She looked at the swaddled baby inside the wooden basin and touched his face. She said, “He’s a half-human, half-demon.”

“It’s a child born from a human and a demon?” Jiang Le was a little surprised.

Ning Shu undid the swaddle and looked at the child’s bottom, in order to see if it was a boy or a girl. Right, it was a boy.

Ning Shu waved her hand and said, “Our second disciple has been found.”

Qing Yue glanced at Ning Shu. Jiang Le’s face twitched, and he got a bad feeling in his heart. He asked, “But Master, he’s still just a baby. Who’s going to take care of this child?”

Ning Shu looked at Jiang Le and smiled slightly. “You’re the eldest senior brother, so of course you’re going to take care of him. Could it be that you want me, the master, to take care of him?”

Jiang Le’s expression turned sullen. He wished that he could just put the wooden basin back in the river… No, he wanted to just directly throw the baby into the river to drown.

Being tortured by Ning Shu, his master, was already very painful. Now, there was another young one. Jiang Le simply wished to die.

“Master, I’m a man. How could I take care of children? Let’s find a foster home,” said Jiang Le.

Ning Shu shot him a sidelong glance. “This child is half-human, half-demon. Who will take him in? Even if he’s not found out now, he’ll definitely be found out when he grows up. By then, this child will also experience what you’ve experienced. No matter what, your mother was still your biological mother. An adoptive father and adoptive mother would definitely be cruel enough to kill him.”

Jiang Le silently held the wooden basin without speaking.

Ning Shu replaced the baby’s swaddling and then told Jiang Le, “Throw this wooden basin and swaddling into the river. Those people will probably come back to look for the baby.”

The child’s body still had blood stains on it. The umbilical cord had also just been cut off.

Ning Shu took out some clothes from her space storage bag and wrapped him up with them. Then, she headed towards Black City.

Just adopting this child already had her at her limits. Ning Shu noticed earlier that the woman from just now was quite strong, so the strength of those chasing her must be even stronger.

Ning Shu didn’t plan on getting involved in those muddy waters.

Black City was very large. Its overall architectural style resembled that of the demon race. Ning Shu and her group of three paid some spirit stones in order to enter the city.

They found an inn and planned to settle in before discussing the other things.

Ning Shu stuffed the child into Jiang Le’s hands and said, “Take good care of your junior brother.”

Jiang Le felt like his hands had been scalded. He wished he could just throw the child away.

Fr*ck, this is also your disciple, and you’re even the master!

Translator: Lili

Editor: Emi

TLC: Kaho

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