QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1263

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Chapter 1263: Ambitious Goal

Ning Shu took in Ye Xi’s expression of struggle and unease. Ye Xi clearly knew that what she was doing was wrong, but she was still addicted to this kind of love and desire.

Later, when Ni Jing died, Ye Xi was able to put down this psychological burden and stay with Jing Shaoze.

Besides, it was also for the sake of giving their child a happy family.

“Alright, let’s wait for another two months,” said Jing Shaoze’s mother. “Let Ye Xi prepare for another two months.”

Ning Shu didn’t speak. Jing Shaoze’s mother was doing all she could to allow Ye Xi to get pregnant naturally.

Ning Shu could sense that her mother-in-law was a little impatient now, and she was even a bit angry with Ye Xi.

Ye Xi became even more uneasy. She was worried that Jing Shaoze’s mother would get angry and withdraw her investment money.

Ning Shu smiled. Even if they wanted Ye Xi to get pregnant, things still depended on whether or not they had that ability.

Ye Xi now urgently wanted to get pregnant. When Jing Shaoze came into her room that night, she was very proactive. Jing Shaoze felt more pleasure than he ever had before.

Even his soul seemed to be shaking from the pleasure.

Each time they finished, Ye Xi would lift her hips.

Jing Shaoze hugged Ye Xi as he asked, “What are you doing?”

“I want to get pregnant.” Ye Xi’s voice was trembling slightly. Jing Shaoze’s lips hooked. “You want to have my baby this much?”

Jing Shaoze then said nefariously, “But I don’t want to let you go yet. What am I supposed to do if you get pregnant?”

Ye Xi flushed as her heart filled with slight sweetness. She silently prayed that God would forgive her for her greediness. She only desired this bit of time with him before dawn.

During the night, she could forget that the man holding her was someone else’s husband. However, as soon as dawn came, this man would leave her room and they would no longer have anything to do with each other.

She was a surrogate mother, and he had a wife that he loved.

Ye Xi hugged Jing Shaoze and pressed her face against his chest. “But your mother’s impatient now. She wants me to give birth to a successor as soon as possible.”

“There’s no need to rush about having a baby.” Jing Shaoze hugged Ye Xi and slowly started moving again.

Ning Shu was sitting on the bed and yawned as she saved this video. They seriously had a lot of energy.

She rubbed her eyes, then moved the computer to the side to lie down. They seriously had great physical strength. There was no way she’d stayed up all night with them.

She had originally decided on the ambitious goal of recording every instance of Jing Shaoze and Ye Xi being together and sorting them according to the date and time. That way, these things could serve as evidence.


These two sure were passionate on the bed. It felt like Jing Shaoze was trying to vent all his energy on Ye Xi.

Perhaps it was because he had to endure way too much while he was with Ni Jing. When he was with Ni Jing, he always had to be slow and gentle. There was no way he could vent himself carefreely like this.

Ning Shu planned to make a trip to the hospital. Back then, when the family first decided to find a surrogate, Ni Jing and Jing Shaoze had gone to the hospital to freeze their eggs and sperm.

When she got to the hospital, she told the doctor that she wanted to see Jing Shaoze’s sperm and gave the doctor some money.

The doctor got the test tube from the freezer and handed it to Ning Shu. “See, it’s being stored perfectly well. When the time comes, it will definitely be able to fertilize the egg.”

“Let me see?” Ning Shu took the test tube. It had been kept in the freezer at -190 degrees Celsius so it had already turned into a block of ice. Right now, it was emitting white steam.

Ning Shu took off the lid and took advantage of a moment when the doctor wasn’t paying attention to pull out a bottle from her pocket and add some mercury into the test tube. Afterwards, she put the lid back on and asked, “Where do I put it?”

“Your husband’s name is here, so right here,” said the doctor.

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