QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1230

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Chapter 1230: Successful Childbirth

Tong Yu was taken aback for a moment and couldn’t find any rope. Lady Niohuru, who was moaning in pain, finally whispered, “Cut the mosquito net.”

Tong Yu immediately picked up the scissors to cut the mosquito net, then tied the midwife’s hands with the cloth strip before dragging her to the neighboring room.

“Don’t worry, Lady. You’ll be fine,” said Ning Shu to Lady Niohuru.

Lady Niohuru nodded even as cold sweat covered her forehead.

“The cervix is open, Lady. Push!” said the midwife to Lady Niohuru.

Lady Niohuru took a deep breath, then gritted her teeth as she pushed hard.

“Take a deep breath, then push again,” said Ning Shu to Lady Niohuru. “Inhale, exhale.”

Lady Niohuru was almost in a trance due to the pain. She couldn’t think at all and could only do as Ning Shu said.

It had nearly been two hours, but Lady Niohuru still hadn’t given birth to the child yet. Ning Shu found it strange. Lady Niohuru’s fetal position was correct so it shouldn’t take such a long time for her to give birth.

“Scram!” Ning Shu saw that one of the midwives was shoving the baby’s head back into the womb. As soon as the baby’s head emerged, she’d shove it right back, causing Lady Niohuru to almost die from the pain.

“Tie her up,” said Ning Shu to Tong Yu. “Lady, we can already see the child’s head. With just a bit more of a push, the child will be out.”

Lady Niohuru screamed, then the child’s head came out. Ning Shu carefully pulled the child’s body until the child finally left Lady Niohuru’s body.

Ning Shu patted the child’s buttocks and the child started wailing. When Lady Niohuru heard the child’s cry, she finally fainted in exhaustion.

Ning Shu wiped the child clean of blood, then wrapped him in swaddling clothes before handing the child to Tong Yu. “Go and report this happy news.”

Tong Yu took the baby carefully as she trembled with tears of relief and joy. She carried the baby out to report to Yinzhen and Lady Ula Nara who were waiting outside.

Ning Shu stayed inside to deal with the rest of the matters.

Ning Shu stayed by Lady Niohuru’s side. When Lady Niohuru woke up and saw Ning Shu, she smiled knowingly, then asked, “Where’s my child?”

“Lady, this servant is still carrying him.” Tong Yu had been holding the baby since he was born. Due to what happened earlier with the midwives, she became worried about the wet nurse as well.

She only allowed the wet nurse to feed the child milk. The rest of the time, she held the child herself.

Tong Yu brought the child to Lady Niohuru so that she could have a look. Lady Niohuru smiled as she gazed at her child.

“Thank you so much,” said Lady Niohuru to Ning Shu. “If it weren’t for you, my child and I probably would have both died.”

Ning Shu nodded, then asked for leave. She needed to head back and take a bath.

Ning Shu headed back and took a bath, then lay down on the bed to rest for a while. She hadn’t really rested at all during this past period of time as Lady Niohuru was preparing to give birth.

As for the question of who had sent the midwives that had tried to harm Lady Niohuru and the child, that was for Lady Niohuru to worry about.

She had caught one midwife with bad intentions, so she hadn’t expected for there to be another one.

Perhaps there was more than just one party that wanted to kill Lady Niohuru’s child.

After something like this happened, Lady Niohuru dismissed the idea of hiring a wet nurse. If the wet nurse harbored bad intentions, it’d just be sending her child into a wolf’s mouth.

Children that had just been born were very fragile. Any slight trauma could cause them to die.

What if they encountered a wet nurse like the one the little lady had before? One that was abusive to children? Just the thought of it was terrifying.

Lady Niohuru asked for Ning Shu’s opinion. Ning Shu felt that it was pretty good for a child to drink their mother’s milk. However, right now Lady Niohuru was on her puerperium period, so it wasn’t good for her to work too hard.

Ning Shu suggested that Lady Niohuru hire a reliable wet nurse to handle things like bathing the child and changing her diapers. Lady Niohuru couldn’t do those things while she was in her puerperium period.

Lady Niohuru frowned slightly. “Where am I supposed to find a reliable wet nurse now? These four midwives were even people that my mother found, but things like this still happened.”

Lady Niohuru felt that a lot of people were eyeing her child. No one else had experienced things like this while they were giving birth.

“Those midwives may have been bribed. We still have them detained, so let’s wait to discuss it once you’re out of your puerperium period. Lady, you should set your mind at ease and just focus on recovering.” Ning Shu comforted Lady Niohuru.

Lady Niohuru looked towards Ning Shu and said, “I… I want you to take care of my child.”

Ning Shu: …

#comment: Tbh, this TLer feels that giving birth is so scary. It’s one of this TLer’s worst fears. This chapter kinda made it worse. This TLer is always amazed by how all those women can go through this grueling process like its nothing.

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