QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1373

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Chapter 1373: Bunch of Little Radishes

Ning Shu planted the spiritual grass, ginseng and so on that she had previously acquired in the medicinal field that had abundant spiritual energy.

She looked around at the empty sect. She would have to collect all kinds of books, artifacts… anyway, the things that she needed to fill it up were just too many.

It really wasn’t easy to establish a sect.

Powerful sects came to be after several generations worth of accumulation and development.

Ning Shu had the two disciples to cultivate in the sect and take good care of the child. Then, she went out to find more disciples.

Qing Yue said to Ning Shu, “I’ll go with you.”

“Okay. Let’s go to Black City now,” said Ning Shu.

Qing Yue nodded. He lifted her up by the collar and they disappeared instantly.

Ning Shu was very dissatisfied. At any rate, she was also someone who had disciples now. It was way embarrassing for her to be carried by her collar like this.

The moment they got to Black City, Ning Shu heard that Hong Tu was trying to save his lil’ bro, but nothing he tried was working. Unless he could cultivate to the stage where he’d be able to reshape his body, he would have to stay an eunuch for who knows how long.

Hong Tu was so angry he flew into a rage every day, saying that he would dismember Ning Shu into ten thousand pieces.

Ning Shu expressed, didn’t he like torturing women? She wanted to see just how he would continue to play around without that thing.

However, Ning Shu was in Black City to accept disciples, not to fight. In Black City, there were some little half-human, half-demon beggars who could only beg for a living.

But even when begging, they couldn’t let people know that they were half-humans, half-demons. If people knew, it would be impossible for them to be given food.

Ning Shu observed them for a while before choosing some children who had relatively better moral conduct. There were both boys and girls in the mix. Then, she directly brought them back to the sect.

She also bought quite a few books and took them back with her so that these disciples could learn to read and study. There were all kinds of books; books on alchemy, books on artifact refining, and books about all kinds of strange anecdotes and tricks.

After buying all the books she could buy, she stuffed them in the library.

She brought the newly-acquired disciples back and had Jiang Le and Li Shulan help take care of these children by getting the two to teach them how to cultivate.

Jiang Le was the head disciple, so Ning Shu handed over the entire sect’s affairs to him to manage. Li Shulan assisted him while taking care of the senior brother who had just learned how to turn over.

Both of them were always very busy.

Jiang Le was just like a kindergarten principal, caring for a large group of children. It wasn’t that Ning Shu was unwilling to accept disciples who were older in age, but that older people might not develop a sense of belonging to the sect.

Ning Shu was also very busy. Due to the lack of resources in Longevity Sect, she had to go out and find celestial treasures. Whenever she encountered a celestial treasure, she would immediately dig it up and plant it in the medicinal garden.

When she encountered any particularly precious things, she would put them away. She planned to take them back into the fabricated space and exchange them for other things.

Qing Yue, in his spare time, would help Ning Shu refine some artifacts and place them in the artifact room as decorations. Occasionally, he would also refine slightly better pills.

In short, the entire sect had been rearranged by Ning Shu, and it now looked a bit more proper. Just that, it could only be said to be a skeleton of what a real sect should be. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither would a sect be.

It could only develop slowly.

However, when Ning Shu saw a bunch of little radishes kneel in front of her and call her master, she was still very happy. These were all her disciples.

There would be more disciples in the future, and the sect would become stronger and stronger.

Ning Shu also didn’t run around outside all day now. She stayed put in the sect, concentrating on cultivating and teaching Jiang Le and that group of children.

Her current strength was almost the same as that of a cultivator at the great vassal stage. The spiritual energy coiling dragon in her dantian was completely transparent and invisible.

Of course, with Qing Yue’s strength, he could see where her coiling dragon was at a glance, but it would be difficult for people who were not strong enough to detect the spiritual energy coiling dragon.

No one would be able to handle this sneak attack.

Jiang Le’s strength was the strongest among her disciples. Ning Shu chose a few more talented children as her inner disciples. She couldn’t just teach Jiang Le alone.

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Editor: Emi

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