QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1266

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Chapter 1266: Kill With Concern

“You… Woman, would it kill you not to talk back to me?” asked Jing Shaoze angrily. His expression turned cold. “I’m warning you, you’d better not tell Jingjing about this. If anything happens to Jingjing, I won’t let you off.”

Ye Xi’s expression dimmed and her lips trembled. “I’ll also warn you. If you act this rude towards me again, I’ll tell Ni Jing about everything.”

“You…” Jing Shaoze’s pupils dilated. “If you have the guts, you can try.”

Ning Shu stood at the stairway and looked down. She saw that the two were super close to each other even when they were arguing. Jing Shaoze was practically hugging Ye Xi.

Go on! Have at it!

However, how was this a fight at all? It was obviously just them flirting.

Ning Shu turned and headed back to her bedroom. She locked the door, then fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She didn’t know how long she had slept for but she was eventually shaken awake. She felt like her bones were about to scatter from all the shaking. Jing Shaoze was roaring in her ear, “Jingjing, wake up! Wake up!”

He kept shaking her while shouting over and over again. Ning Shu felt like she was about to have a heart attack. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Jing Shaoze’s face that was twisted with worry.

“Jingjing, are you alright?” Jing Shaoze looked at Ning Shu with an anxious expression.

Ning Shu had to suppress the urge to kick him. “What’s wrong?”

“Why did you lock the door? You scared me to death! Jingjing, never scare me like this again,” said Jing Shaoze as he held her shoulders and shook her. “Promise me, don’t ever scare me like this again.”

Ning Shu: F*cking stop shaking me already!

You actually hope for me to die, don’t you!?

“I’m fine. I just accidently forgot and locked it.” Ning Shu peeled Jing Shaoze’s hands off her shoulders. It was summer, so her clothes were very thin, causing Jing Shaoze’s grip on her shoulders to be seriously painful.

Ning Shu really suspected that Jing Shaoze wanted to kill his wife. On the surface he acted like he cared about her so much, but he didn’t hold back at all when he grabbed her. It felt like he had practically been about to dislocate her arm.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just so worried.” Jing Shaoze looked at Ning Shu. “You locked yourself in the room so I thought that something had happened. Jingjing, don’t ever do this again.”

Ning Shu nodded without saying anything. Jing Shaoze looked at Ning Shu asked probingly, “Jingjing, are you unhappy about something? If there’s anything, just tell me. Don’t hold it all in. It’s not good for your health.”

Ning Shu could hear the probing in Jing Shaoze’s tone. He was trying to figure out whether she knew about his relationship with Ye Xi.

Ning Shu smiled gently and relaxed her expression. There wasn’t a trace of depression on her face. “Nothing happened. Big Brother Shaoze, did something happen?”

Jing Shaoze scanned Ning Shu’s face, then finally said with a soft smile, “Jingjing, I’m just worried about you. I’ve been busy with things at the company this entire time so I was just worried that you’d be angry.”

“If you’re angry, you can just hit me. Don’t keep it bottled up inside your heart.” As Jing Shaoze spoke, he grabbed Ning Shu’s hand and placed it on his face.

Ning Shu instantly felt his soft and satiny skin. A man actually had skin this good? Ning Shu smiled gently as she took advantage of this opportunity to pinch Jing Shaoze’s face. She pinched really hard so Jing Shaoze cried out in pain.

“Sorry, I pinched too hard.” Ning Shu quickly retracted back her hand. “I’m so bad at controlling my strength.”

Jing Shaoze rubbed his face while comforting Ning Shu. “It’s fine, it didn’t hurt.”

It left a bright red mark, so how could it not hurt?

He was even able to endure this. He was pretty good.

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