QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1255

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Chapter 1255: Acupuncture Practice

After Ye Xi left, Ning Shu walked into Ye Xi’s room and installed the mini spy cam in a concealed position that faced the bed.

She was planning to get divorced with Jing Shaoze, but it wouldn’t just end there.

After installing the mini spy cam, she left the room. Following that, she leisurely opened the box of needles and started giving herself acupuncture.

She had no choice but to rely on acupuncture to relieve some of the discomfort in her heart.

When Ye Xi came back and saw that Ning Shu’s face was covered with needles, she was taken aback for a moment. Following that, she placed a bag in front of Ning Shu. “Here’s the stuff you wanted.”

Ning Shu nodded as she removed the needles from her face. She asked Ye Xi, “What do you plan to do after the baby is born?”

A trace of darkness flashed across Ye Xi’s face, then she shook her head and said, “Who knows? I haven’t thought that far.”

“Although you’ve been a surrogate mother, your body is still pure and clean as jade. You can live a good life with the one you love,” said Ning Shu as she looked at Ye Xi.

Still pure and clean as jade!?

Ye Xi recalled all the things she had done with Jing Shaoze. She was no longer pure.

Ye Xi’s expression dimmed. But this man was someone else’s husband! And he even loved his wife a lot.

“I’ll think about the future later.” Ye Xi didn’t really want to talk to Ning Shu, so she used the fact that she needed to take a shower as an excuse to leave.

Ning Shu watched Ye Xi walk away, then lifted her eyebrow. Has Ye Xi fallen in love with Jing Shaoze?

Ha. Ha. Ha. You guys are definitely true loves.

Just because you guys had slept together, so you’re destined to continue being involved with each other?

In the evening, when Jing Shaoze came back from work, Ning Shu immediately pulled him into the bedroom. Jing Shaoze asked in surprise, “What’s the matter?”

“Did something happen?” When Jing Shaoze saw that Ning Shu was in such a hurry to pull him into the bedroom, he just looked towards her with a doting expression.

Ning Shu said, “Take off your clothes.”

Jing Shaoze lifted his brows. “Jingjing, what’s wrong? You want some now? Why are you telling me to take off my clothes as soon as I get back?”

Ning Shu almost wanted to puke all over Jing Shaoze’s face, but she just took out a gleaming needle and said, “I’ve been studying acupuncture lately, but I couldn’t find some of the acupoints, so…”

“So, you want me to be your guinea pig?” Jing Shaoze had a helpless expression on his face. “When did you decide to start learning acupuncture?”

“My dad found me a traditional Chinese medicine specialist and he said that acupuncture could strengthen the capability of the heart and lungs.” Ning Shu held the needle as she continued urging Jing Shaoze to take off his clothes.

Jing Shaoze undid his shirt slowly while saying helplessly, “Just call that doctor here. Why bother learning it yourself?”

Jing Shaoze took off his clothes, exposing his muscular body as he obediently lay down on the bed.

“Jingjing, do you actually know how to do this?” asked Jing Shaoze.

As Ning Shu held the needle, she saw that there were some scratches on Jing Shaoze’s back. They had obviously been left by Ye Xi last night.

Ning Shu said expressionlessly, “I’m about to start. It might hurt a little.”

“Girl, when will you be able to calm down a little?” said Jing Shaoze in a helpless tone that was filled with doting.

Ning Shu’s lips simply hooked.

She had the needle in one hand and an acupuncture points diagram in the other as she stabbed the needle into Jing Shaoze’s back. Jing Shaoze gave a muffled groan.

“What do you feel?” asked Ning Shu.

“Pain,” replied Jing Shaoze in a very helpless tone.

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