QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 1242

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Chapter 1242: Ordinance Sea Stone

Ning Shu looked at the awards, then said, “That’s it?”

“Uh-huh. Isn’t the reward generous?” said 2333. “There are five protective talismans, which means that you’ll have five more lives. Five more lives!”

“Then that does seem pretty good.” Ning Shu then asked, “So what did the advanced task-takers want to get so badly that they even risked their lives?”

“The ordinance sea stone. People higher up want this, so it can be used to exchange for a lot of rare things,” explained 2333.

“What can you do with an ordinance sea stone?” asked Ning Shu.

“Nothing. For people at your level, it’s completely useless. It’s used for helping powerful people break through their current limits to get to an even higher level. However, this level is way too far away for you. It’d take light years to calculate the distance.”

Ning Shu: →_→

Would he die if he didn’t mock her!?

“Ordinance sea… ordinance sea stone?” Ning Shu’s brows furrowed. “This ordinance sea stone couldn’t be a stone from the ordinance sea that we went to that time, right?”

“It is something of the ordinance sea. Every person who becomes an intermediate task-taker will get an ordinance sea stone after passing the examination task. As for why, I don’t know either,” said 2333 offhandedly.

“Are you going to keep this ordinance sea stone, or do you want to go to fabricated space to exchange it for some good stuff?” asked 2333.

Ning Shu felt that the system wouldn’t give the task-takers a stone for no reason, and the fact that the powerful needed these things showed that these things were very precious. Therefore, she decided to keep it.

Ning Shu picked up the ordinance sea stone. It was pitch black and at first glance, it looked like the primal chaos stone that she had gotten before. It felt extremely cold in her hand.

She seemed to hear the faint sound of waves.

“In reality, the ordinance sea stone is a space that breeds the ordinance laws. However, no one has ever been able to open it. There’s a rumor among the higher ups that if one merged with the ordinance sea stone, they’d be able to become an everlasting existence.”

Merge? Ning Shu stared at the stone. How was someone supposed to merge with the stone? By becoming a stone?

Ning Shu put the ordinance sea stone back down. It really was too far away. She was just an intermediate task-taker. She was truly too far away from the level that 2333 had described.

She was already really happy to have gotten five protective talismans. Normally, she could only get these protective talismans with merit points and a single protective talisman required 30 merit points.

It was very reassuring to have them while doing tasks. Six protective talismans made it so she could focus on the tasks without worries.

Ning Shu allocated the 50 attribute points to intelligence, luck, martial arts, mental strength, and aptitude.

Number: 2333

Name: Ning Shu (Intermediate Task-Taker)

Age: 27

Experience: 1650000 (+1500000)

Soul: 300

Life: 71

Intelligence: 200 (+10)

Charm: 4

Luck: 54 (+10)

Mental Strength: 120 (+10)

Martial Arts: 122 (+10)

Faith: 44

Aptitude: 49 (+10)

Merit: 30

Abilities: Five Rings Shooting Skill, Trashy Combat Skill, Trashy Beginner of Unsurpassable Martial Arts, Basic Poison Concoction, Rudimentary Business Administration Knowledge, Entry-Level Programmer, Entry-Level Lawyer

Acquired Titles: Goddess of War, Altruistic Ancestor

Halos: Benevolent Mother of the World (Empress’s blessing), Model Worker Sis (Chen Xi’s blessing), Chief Halo (Cao’s blessing), Lifelong Friend (Miao Miaomiao’s blessing), Healing Hand (Zhu Suniang’s Blessing)

After adding the attribute points, she found that she seriously didn’t have enough attribute points. Every single time, she had no choice but to only add them to the attributes that would increase her chances of survival.

#comment: “By becoming a stone?” Lol, another flag. I’m pretty sure Ning Shu becomes a stone at one point, if I’m not thinking of a different novel.

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