QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0684

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Chapter 684: Drive You Out of the Tribe

The fudge? This was explaining things? She came over to say this right as they were about to set off, was he sure that she wasn’t doing this to rub salt on her wound?

“Kai, I’ll say this for the last time. If you talk to me again, I’ll beat you up every time I see you. Just try me. I know you like this so-called divine maiden. It’s fine if you like her, but why do you have to target me? What right do you have to request things of me? Not only do you have no right, you also owe me my pa’s life since my pa died because of you. Kai, who would’ve thought that you were this kind of person? You don’t want to become mates with me, so do you think that I’d want to become mates with you, a disgusting beastman that’s always staring at someone else’s mate?”

Ning Shu disliked Kai a lot. He was always telling her to do this and that. What right did he have? None!

Kai clenched his fists, his face twisted with anger. He reflexively took a couple steps towards Ning Shu. It seemed like he was about to hit Ning Shu.

Ning Shu lifted her chin slightly and met his glare coldly. It’d be best if he attacked. She had been wanting to test her current strength and try to become a second Wu Song.

“Alright, enough, stop arguing. I was at fault here.” Qian Jia pressed her hand on Kai’s chest, then sighed before saying to Ning Shu, “Let’s talk about this after the trade fair is over.”

Ning Shu curled her lips disdainfully as she crossed her arms. “Are you really the divine maiden?”

“Huh?” Qian Jia looked towards Ning Shu in confusion.

Ning Shu remarked mildly, “The tribe’s Wu, for the sake of maintaining purity, never has a mate in her lifetime. However, the envoy of the Divinity is messing around with the tribe’s male beastmen so much and even has her hand on Kai’s chest right now. Tsk tsk tsk…”

Qian Jia glanced back, then hastily removed her hand as she said, “Cao, I only stopped Kai because I was worried that you guys would fight.”

“With so many people here, is there a need for a female with a mate like you to stop him? Are all the other beastmen dead?” Ning Shu’s expression was filled with ridicule.

Qian Jia saw that the surrounding beastmen were scrutinizing her and she became so humiliated that tears whirled in her eyes. “You’re just holding a grudge against me because I took away your spot. You keep slandering me!”

Qian Jia threw herself into Rui’s arms and started weeping. The sound of her soft cries made people’s hearts ache. As Rui comforted Qian Jia, he turned towards Ning Shu coldly and said, “If you continue to cause trouble like this, we’ll have no choice but to drive you out of the tribe.”

Ning Shu patted her chest. “I’m so scared. Why don’t you just drive me out of the tribe? At least then I wouldn’t have to look at you disgusting people.”

“The divine maiden? She’s everyone’s divine maiden, so perhaps the divine maiden will have more than one mate. Maybe you guys will get lucky.” Ning Shu pointed at the male beastmen.

She really wanted to just exterminate all of these men. They were seriously disgusting.

“Enough! What exactly do you want?” Qian Jia lifted her tearstained face out of Rui’s chest and turned to look towards Ning Shu coldly. “Cao, you’re just slandering me because you feel like I’ve stolen your mate, but don’t worry, I’ll never have any relationship with your Kai in this lifetime.”

When Kai heard this, his eyes dimmed. However, this incident was still Cao’s fault. Cao seriously liked to start arguments.

Ning Shu covered her mouth as she burst into cackling laughter. She turned towards Kai with schadenfreude. “Look, she said that she’ll never have you in this lifetime. You won’t ever be able to become one of her mates.”

“Oh right, since you’ve made this vow, you have to uphold it. You’re the divine maiden, if you break your word, you’ll be punished by the Divinity.” Ning Shu’s unpleasant laughter filled the place of offering.

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