QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0833

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Chapter 833: Was Actually Pretty Happy

Song Ning was usually always hovering around her, so when she suddenly stopped coming, Ning Shu was actually pretty happy.

Ning Shu asked the head secretary, “Where’s Miss Song?”

“Miss Song won’t be coming today,” replied the head secretary.

Ning Shu became even happier and she asked, “She won’t be ever coming again?”

When the head secretary saw how happy Ning Shu looked, she said, “CEO, Miss Song has fallen ill. Maybe you should go visit her.”

“Oh, then I’ll find some time to go visit.” After Ning Shu said that, she walked into the office, only to find that An Nuan was currently inside cleaning.

She seriously saw this girl every single day. Ning Shu rubbed her forehead. The storyline was always forcing them together.

It felt like An Nuan was always cleaning the places she passed by.

An Nuan could sense that the CEO was looking at her again. He was always looking at her with such a scorching gaze. It made An Nuan feel very anxious and her heart pounded with uneasiness.

Ning Shu sat down on the sofa to watch An Nuan. An Nuan didn’t really do anything wrong, she was just a girl that was doted on by the Heavens. The Heavens even arranged for a despotic CEO to fall in love with An Nuan and dote on her so that she could have a happy and blessed life.

She was extremely ordinary. She didn’t have any outstanding abilities, so she must have accumulated a lot of virtue her last lifetime to have been able to meet someone like Gong Luo. She hadn’t had to struggle at all to get to the very peak of life.

Marriage had always been a woman’s second rebirth.

Love was something between two people, but Gong Luo felt like he was being controlled. That feeling really ticked Gong Luo off.

Love required mutual sacrifice. Both the man and the woman in a relationship were supposed to mutually support each other, but in this love, Gong Luo had given up a lot while all An Nuan had to do was enjoy Gong Luo’s doting. All conflicts that arose ended with Gong Luo lowering his head first.

An Nuan couldn’t really take this gaze anymore, so she gathered up her courage to turn around and face Ning Shu. “What are you looking at me for? Are you planning something? I told you that I’d definitely pay for the vase.”

Ning Shu leaned back and continued looking at An Nuan as she said, “Why do you insist on staying in my company? I can introduce you to a position at a different company.”

An Nuan clenched the handkerchief as she replied, “Other companies might not like me. That trashy guy, I mean-, my ex-boyfriend’s pretty rich. He’s often purposefully makes things hard for me. If I go to another company, I might get fired.”

Fudge, this storyline was such a troll.

This meant that An Nuan was literally going to take root in Gong Family Corporation.

Ning Shu’s facial muscles were twitching, she didn’t even know what to say, so she waved An Nuan off. “Get out.”

An Nuan nodded and obediently moved to leave. When she got to the door, she stopped walking and turned around to say, “CEO, I feel like you really hate me.”

“Is that so?” replied Ning Shu lightly.

An Nuan then said tactfully, “In the future, I won’t show up in front of you as much. I’ll wait until you’re not in the office to clean the office too.”

Ning Shu nodded without expressing any objections.

An Nuan’s heart filled with indescribable disappointment and frustration and she asked, “I heard that Miss Song is your fiancée.”

“Uh-huh.” Ning Shu nodded.

An Nuan suddenly didn’t know what to say. As she looked at the man sitting on the sofa who exuded such a natural aura of nobility, her heart trembled for a moment uncontrollably. This man’s face was enough to enchant any person, whether they be a man or woman.

“Go.” Ning Shu waved dismissively.

An Nuan turned and left the office. Ning Shu then undid the buttons on her suit. After taking off her coat, she started working.

Following that, she found that without Song Ning around, it was very tiring to work. She had already gotten used to a relaxing work environment, so now she was unused to having to put in so much more effort.

Ning Shu shook her head. That was why it was important to rely on oneself for everything. The moment one started relying on others and it became a habit, it was the path to ruin.

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