QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0866

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Chapter 866: Towards Those Three Million Points

It felt really far out of reach. Three million points? She only had twenty hundred thousand so far, and before each task she’d have to exchange for all sorts of things.

It seemed like she had to start saving a bit and work hard to become stronger until she didn’t need to buy those items anymore.

It was only now that Ning Shu truly felt how much like an ant she was. She was probably on the bottom-most level of the pyramid of task-takers. Every single step up would be extremely hard.

“2333, tell the truth. How far do you think I’ll be able to go?” asked Ning Shu.

2333 hesitated for a while before saying, “I’ll make an evaluation based on your data. Your aptitude isn’t very good and compared to other task-takers, you’re not as smooth and sly. Your personality isn’t flexible enough, and you’re also pretty dumb. You probably won’t be able to get very far.”

Ning Shu: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

He was sure f*cking direct.

The system-sama’s unspoken implication was that she wouldn’t even be able to reach the level of intermediate task-taker.

Ning Shu shrugged. Although she felt a little disappointed after hearing 2333’s words, she soon pulled herself together again. From the start she was someone that had escaped death and now had the chance to experience all sorts of lives. It was already a profit for her to be able to continue living.

Even if one day she actually ended up being exterminated, she was already satisfied with this life.

2333 said that she wasn’t sly and flexible enough, but she was stubborn. While she was alive, she would continue to insist on stubbornly being herself. Even if she was only a tool to mend the planes, she still wanted to live happily.

“Let’s enter the task,” said Ning Shu. Time to strive towards those three million points!

Ning Shu was hit with a wave of dizziness, then she felt herself merging with the body. Before she even opened her eyes, someone suddenly lifted her blanket away. A gust of cold wind got in and caused her to shiver.

“Big Sis Miao, why are you still sleeping? The sun’s already so high up.” A female voice appeared next to her ear. Based on the sound of it, she didn’t seem very old.

Ning Shu wasn’t in a very good state so it took her a good while to open her eyes. She paid no attention to the girl in front of her and covered herself with the blanket. It was seriously cold.

“Big Sis Miao, Mom told me to wake you up.” When the girl saw that Ning Shu was curled up on the bed, she reached out to pull at Ning Shu’s blanket.

“What are you doing?” Ning Shu looked at the girl. She seemed only about eighteen years old and her skin was a little dark. She had white earrings of some kind and was wearing a red down-filled garment which only served to make her face look even darker.

When the girl saw that Ning Shu was looking at her with a stern expression, she felt a little intimidated. She pressed her lips together unhappily. “Big Sis Miao, Mom told you to get up. The village isn’t like the city. If you don’t wake up, you’ll be laughed at.”

Ning Shu hadn’t received the storyline yet, so she didn’t know what was going on. “Go outside first. I’ll be up soon.”

“People from the city sure are troublesome,” muttered the girl. Then she asked, “Big Sis Miao, the pajamas you’re wearing are really pretty. Can you lend them to me?”

Ning Shu: …

“Go outside first,” said Ning Shu mildly.

The girl thought that Ning Shu had agreed and glanced one last time longingly at the clothes Ning Shu was wearing before heading outside.

Once the girl left, Ning Shu got up from the bed and locked the door. The lock on the door was a very old iron lock and looked like it could easily be knocked off if someone kicked hard from outside.

Ning Shu glanced at the clothes she was wearing, then at the pink slippers she was wearing. They were completely incompatible with the surroundings.

The ground was an uneven mud floor and the surrounding furniture looked very new, but their design were in extremely poor taste. Furthermore, their craftsmanship didn’t seem to be that good. She could still smell the lacquer.

There was a brand new 喜 character festively taped onto the wall. The original host was already married.

Ning Shu felt very cold, so she rubbed her hands and curled back up on the bed. She wrapped the blanket around herself to start receiving the storyline.

#comment: 喜 is the character for happiness. It’s taped up a lot during festive occasions and for good luck. Lmao, this original host’s name though. The first Miao is a surname and also means sprout. The other two miaos are the same character and it means clever/wonderful.

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