QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0703

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Chapter 703: Stronger Now

Ning Shu and the female beastmen spent most of their time in the cavern. With so many people squeezed inside, no matter how cool the cavern normally was, it still became uncomfortably warm.

The water in the cavern’s pool was also gradually decreasing. They started storing even more water.

The entire cavern was filled with stone pots containing water.

Although they had a lot of water, Ning Shu was still worried since she didn’t know how long the drought would last.

When night fell, it would get a little cooler, so Ning Shu would bring the females out to hunt at that time. The females knew that the current situation wasn’t good, so after hunting prey, they would collect the prey’s blood in stone bowls and pass it around so everyone could have a mouthful to sate their thirst.

Ning Shu couldn’t bring herself to drink this blood since just the smell of it made her gag. However, she was happy to find that these females had already gotten used to this style of life.

Perhaps everything would be fine once they got through this drought.

Due to the drought, animals weren’t able to find water and were starting to die. Some scavengers were starting to rip apart these smelly corpses that were covered with flies.

Animals were dying in huge proportions. In the future, if they couldn’t find any more prey, they would end up starving to death as well.

Ning Shu was now extremely glad that she had prepared so much cured meat beforehand. If everyone ate a little less, they’d probably have enough to survive for a good while.

She wondered how Qian Jia’s group was doing. The plains was very far away from this place, but with Qian Jia’s luck, even if there was a drought, she’d still be able to find the mouth of a spring and strike water.

Other people might have to struggle extremely hard to survive, but it was never any trouble for Qian Jia. There was truly such a huge disparity between people.

Those who weren’t doted on by the Heavens had no choice but to love themselves and work hard to survive. They had no choice but to be tenacious.

They started cooking less and less food. Everyone only got a little, just enough to keep their bodies going.

The weather continued to get hotter. Ning Shu roughly estimated that it was probably fifty degrees Celsius as of now. Stepping on the ground was painfully hot.

Ning Shu wiped at the sweat on her forehead. It was so hot she felt the urge to pant in order to cool down.

However, as the tribe’s chief and in front of so many people, there was no way she could behave in such a manner.

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