QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0630

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Chapter 630: Mo Juefeng’s New Flame

What caused Mai Douer the most pain was the fact that there was a girl standing next to Mo Juefeng and Mo Juefeng’s gaze was very gentle as he looked at her.

Ning Shu also saw the woman standing next to Mo Juefeng. That woman was practically a replica of Mai Douer. She had very clean delicate looks and her aura was very pure.

When Ning Shu saw this, she became even more certain of the fact that this was the type of woman Mo Juefeng liked. Who the woman was really didn’t matter.

Mai Douer wiped at her tears and took out her makeup bag to try and make her facial color look better. Her hands trembled as she applied the makeup. Tears filled her eyes again, but she tilted her head to force them back. Finally, she put on sunglasses, pulled on the handle of the door, and stepped out.

Ning Shu watched as Mai Douer walked forcefully towards Mo Juefeng and shook her head. Wasn’t heading over there right now asking to be humiliated? It seemed like Mo Juefeng had found another true love.

She didn’t know what Mo Juefeng said to Mai Douer, but Mai Douer staggered from the blow. She seemed completely out of strength and severely hurt as she headed to the changing room.

Ning Shu got off the car. When she saw that Mo Juefeng was staring at her, she was a little baffled. Why was he looking at her?

And then, Mo Juefeng actually started walking towards her. Once he got close, he asked, “Did Mai Douer get an abortion?”

Ning Shu nodded.

Mo Juefeng’s expression became strangely displeased.

When Ning Shu saw him like this, she wondered if he was actually feeling sad for the child.

If he couldn’t bear to lose the child, he should’ve told Mai Douer that. Why was he asking about the child now that it’s already gone?

“As expected, she was just a ruthless woman that would resort to any means in order to gain status.” Mo Juefeng scoffed in contempt.

Ning Shu: …

She felt like this guy was a nutjob. He had been threatening Mai Douer to have her abort the child, but now that Mai Douer actually got an abortion, he felt like she was a person who was willing to sacrifice her own child for the sake of money and status.

In any case, if a man didn’t love you, you were full of flaws. Everything you did was wrong, your very existence was a sort of mistake.

Ning Shu had never expected to have somehow broken up a true love couple. No, actually, to be accurate, they weren’t true loves anymore since Mai Douer no longer possessed the qualities that Mo Juefeng liked.

Due to the hard conditions Mai Douer faced, she had become very impatient for success and hated being looked down on by people, so she was no longer so self-confident and bold in front of Mo Juefeng like she had been in the original storyline. Instead, she tried to curry favor with Mo Juefeng as much as she could.

There were too many people currying favor with Mo Juefeng, so he had no interest in people who flattered him. He liked naive and beautiful woman that dared to be temperament and spoiled in front of him without fear.

Ning Shu felt that this guy just freaking wanted to be oppressed. What a freaking psycho.

Since Mo Juefeng was watching, Mai Douer wasn’t able to concentrate on the filming. That in combination with the fact that she also wasn’t feeling well caused her to keep getting NGs. The more NGs she got, the more impatient and vexed she became.

She felt like she was getting crushed by the recent events. Why was life so hard for her? She felt like everyone was living more happily than her.

When Ning Shu saw Mai Douer like this, she felt that Mai Douer’s acting skills hadn’t improved at all. Now that Mo Juefeng didn’t plan to help Mai Douer out anymore either, an even harsher reality was waiting for Mai Douer.

By the time Mai Douer finally got today’s filming done, her face was frightfully pale and she pressed on her stomach as she warily got onto the car.

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