QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0637

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Chapter 637: Mai Douer Had Been a Mistress!

“When the heavenly law ends up in a loop, karma becomes tangled. The opportunity for a counterattack isn’t open to everyone. All of the tasks are filtered. For example, there’s actually an issue with the heavenly law of the world you’re currently in. There’s something wrong with Mo Juefeng’s ability. He seems to be the most powerful existence in this world. There’s too much fortune concentrated on him, so it shows that the law has developed a deformity,” explained 2333. “That’s why Chen Xi’s task had been accepted.”

Ning Shu nodded, then sighed in relief. When she got back to the ward, she saw that Mai Douer’s face was completely pale as she slept.

She stayed there to wait for Mai Douer to wake up. If Mai Douer’s mood swings continued like this, she’d probably develop a mental disorder.

To a certain degree, Mai Douer had just sunk into her own self-constructed world of despair. Ning Shu couldn’t really understand why Mai Douer was making things so hard for herself. She was so melodramatic.

Or was it that she wanted to attract other people’s attention by hurting herself? Was she trying to get Mo Juefeng to feel heartache for her?

Then there was definitely a pit in her brain.

Why would other people treasure you if you didn’t even treasure yourself?

Once Mai Douer woke up, Ning Shu gave her a last notice. “If you continue to be so willful, I’ll have no choice but to tell the company the truth about your situation. At that time, the company will cancel your contract.”

Mai Douer bit her lips hard and said, “Big Sis Chen, didn’t you see how that woman flaunted herself in front of me? She did that on purpose! She was purposefully trying to provoke me!”

My god!

“Since you know that she was provoking you on purpose, you should’ve remained calm so that she couldn’t get what she wanted. Rest up well and recover.”

Ning Shu had a feeling that the company would be canceling Mai Douer’s contract sooner or later. A talent that caused incidents every couple days and didn’t earn money was completely worthless.

However, to Ning Shu’s surprise, a couple days later, the news that Mai Douer had been a mistress was exposed online. She was mentioned by name and there were even photos as evidence. Mo Juefeng had been blurred out in the photos, but there was enough clues for people to easily identify him.

Ning Shu’s first reaction when she saw this news was that Qiu Xin had been the one that did it. There were a lot of photos, so it had clearly been planned out very carefully.

Ning Shu had considered doing this before too, but she saw that Mai Douer’s situation was already really pitiful. She’d never be able to climb up again, and most importantly, she had the ability to make herself even more miserable.

Before Ning Shu even had the chance to do it, Qiu Xin had already gone ahead and exposed everything. As expected of a task-taker that liked to get things done in one go. Her style of doing things was merciless.

Compared to Qiu Xin, Ning Shu felt that she was completely trashy as a task-taker.

Mai Douer looked through the news and saw that they even wrote about her getting an abortion in clear detail. Color drained from her face. There was only one thought on her mind, which was that she was done for.

Mai Douer abruptly looked towards Ning Shu accusatorily. “Big Sis Chen, were you the one that did this? You’re the only one that knows about these things!”

Ning Shu: …

“I don’t know. I’ve been with you this whole time while you were hospitalized, and aside from me, Mo Juefeng’s new flame also knows about your situation. You’re a talent I’m managing, why would I do something that doesn’t even benefit me? Could it be that I look good, that the company looks good when you have a scandal?”

“It was definitely her! It was definitely that woman! She did it!” Mai Douer started wailing, “For the sake of snatching Mo Juefeng away, she’s doing everything she can to ruin me!”

“Big Sis Chen, Big Sis Chen!” Mai Douer grabbed Ning Shu’s hand tightly as she beseeched, “Big Sis Chen, please help me. You’re the only one that can help me now. I’ve lost my female lead role and with what that woman’s done, I’ll also lose my role as the supporting female lead of that movie. Mo Juefeng had promised to give me that role, so it was definitely that woman. She wants to snatch away my role! Big Sis Chen, please help me! I’m begging you!”

Ning Shu just looked at her expressionlessly. She had accused her without even getting the facts straight, and now she wanted her help?

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