QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0616

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Chapter 616: Type of Women Mo Juefeng Likes

Ning Shu stretched lazily. In any case, it wasn’t her problem. Mai Douer could mess around with her sugar daddy as much as she wanted to. Ning Shu had never actually cared about Mai Douer’s future and now that Mai Douer had the desire to climb up the ladder using whatever means, she’ll know to make plans for herself.

She sent out emails regarding work to the talents she managed, then started trying to cook. She felt that learning to cook was a must. As a task-taker if she didn’t know how to cook, then she wouldn’t know what could be eaten and what couldn’t. If she ended up in a world with more extreme conditions, she’d drop dead before she even had a chance to finish her task. That would seriously suck.

However, she found that she seriously didn’t have the talent for cooking. Her creations were seriously horrifying. She couldn’t even simmer a simple porridge. She felt like trash.

There seem to have been fasting pills in the system marketplace. She should just make sure to exchange for some before each task so that she didn’t end up starving to death. Thankfully those pills were also pretty cheap.

She then gave up on cooking. Some things were just beyond one’s abilities.

Since she had been busy the entire time before, now that she had free time, she couldn’t help but feel a bit empty. All the talents under her were making their way steadily. Xia Yi really did go take part in an idol drama and after Qiao Yi released her album, she started studying again. It seemed that she was going to go on the route of being a singer-songwriter.

As for Mai Douer, there was no point mentioning her. It was rare to see her even once a month, she was spending all her time flirting with Mo Juefeng. She only worked like once every three days for fun before going out with Mo Juefeng again as a ‘break.’ After this film finished, Mai Douer landed the role of a female lead. She had jumped directly from the role of a supporting female lead to that of the female lead.

It was like the speed of riding a rocket. Things were truly different when there was someone backing you.

When Ning Shu arrived at the new filming location, the first thing Mai Douer said was, “Big Sis Chen, when you get roles for me in the future, don’t get any that have kissing scenes or are too suggestive.”

Ning Shu: …

Dramas that didn’t have kissing scenes or anything suggestive? Then what the hell would you film? Why not just drop acting and let Mo Juefeng raise you?

Mai Douer’s aura had changed dramatically. In the past, Mai Douer was extremely pure, but now Mai Douer wore heavy makeup with bold red lips that completely concealed her pure aura. This feigned matureness made Mai Douer look conspicuously out of place.

Ning Shu couldn’t understand why Mai Douer would come to like this kind of makeup. It was said that when women put on heavy makeup, it meant that they were about to do something big. What was Mai Douer about to do?

“Mai Douer, why did you do your makeup this way?” Ning Shu couldn’t stop herself from asking. Mai Douer’s greatest advantage was that she had pure looks that attracted people’s pity. This mature makeup was completely drowning out her natural aura and Mai Douer didn’t have the presence to pull off this coquettish look either.

Did Mai Douer suffer some kind of psychological blow? What could have possessed her to do this?

A depressed expression appeared on Mai Douer’s face. “Big Sis Chen, I feel like Mo Juefeng has already gotten tired of me. There are always so many women around him. Those women are all very beautiful and charming. I think that’s the type of women Mo Juefeng likes.”

“That’s why you want to use this method to make Mo Juefeng stay?” Ning Shu almost burst out laughing. She was seriously running with all her strength in the wrong direction. Mo Juefeng liked women that were pure. Doing this would only make Mo Juefeng get tired of her even faster.

However, there was no way Ning Shu would warn Mai Douer about this. Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng’s relationship going sour was good news for her. She turned around and saw Mai Douer’s bright red lips, so she shifted her gaze away again. “That’s why you must plan your future well. You need to take full advantage of what you can while Mo Juefeng still likes you.”

Mai Douer nodded and said, “Yes. This role was something I asked Mo Juefeng for.”

Ning Shu: …

The current Mai Douer was truly different from before.

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