QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0654

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Chapter 654: Gathering at the Place of Worship

Ning Shu went with Zhi to the public square used as the place of worship. There were several rough standing pillars there that had strange abstract drawings.

The most eye-catching thing present was an enormous stone statue. Its silhouette only looked faintly human and there was no trace of facial features at all. The workmanship seriously wasn’t up to standards.

“What is this?” asked Ning Shu as she pointed at the statue.

Zhi’s expression changed drastically and she hastily grabbed Ning Shu’s wrist to stop her from pointing at the statue as she exclaimed, “Cao, how could you point at the Divinity? How could you be so rude?”

This was the Divinity!?

Zhi looked towards the statue as she said, “The Divinity was the one that gave beastmen the ability to transform. With a wave of his hand, beastmen became capable of transforming and could hunt with their beast form.”

Ning Shu: Ha. Ha. Ha. There was no way she’d believe that.

All the beastmen in the tribe had gathered here. Ning Shu looked around and saw that even the little children were here.

Ning Shu really wanted to cover her eyes when she saw the little male beastmen and the little female beastmen standing together. Even little females were this ugly? Not cute at all.

Meanwhile, the little males were very cute.

It felt like the Heavens were totally biased.

After a while, Winged Tigers Tribe’s tribe chief and Wu walked over. The tribe chief was a very charming middle-aged uncle while the Wu was a female beastman who had bird feathers stuck in all over her body. That look paired with her not-very-good-looking face made Ning Shu want to cover her own face.

“Because a female beastman has appeared in the tribe, we must let the Divinity know of this news and allow the Divinity to decide whether this female beastman can stay with the tribe,” said Wu in her hoarse voice.

Rui transformed into his tiger form and carried Qian Jia to the plaza. Qian Jia felt a little awkward as she got down from Rui’s back as everyone looked on.

Her fair face was slightly flushed and she stuck out her tongue briefly in embarrassment.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes as she scrutinized Qian Jia. Her T-shirt was a little dirty and she was no longer wearing jeans. Instead, she was using animal fur to cover her most private part.

Her fair white legs were exposed and she wasn’t wearing shoes. Beneath the sunlight, her feet seemed to shine with a pearl-like glow. Her black hair was a little mussed by the wind, so that natural black and white contrast was extremely beautiful.

After seeing so many female beastmen, even Ning Shu, despite having seen plenty of beautiful woman, couldn’t help but feel that Qian Jia was breathtakingly beautiful in this moment.

It felt like Qian Jia was even more captivating than she had been yesterday. It was probably because she had already become Rui’s mate.

Ning Shu looked around and saw that the original host’s future mate, Kai, was currently staring at Qian Jia, his eyes filled with stunned admiration. Although he didn’t know what beauty was, when he saw this little female, he felt something in his heart stir.

Ning Shu retrieved her gaze. The male beastmen weren’t the only ones captivated by Qian Jia, the females were too.

“Wow, this female beastman looks really good. Which tribe is she from?” said Zhi with a sigh of admiration. Then she rubbed her own hair with a slightly dejected expression.

When Ning Shu saw Zhi like this, she found it pretty funny. Qian Jia sure was impressive, to have been capable of completely changing the beastmen’s esthetic taste.

The current Qian Jia was beautiful, but with the nourishment of the beastmen, she’d continue to become even more beautiful, to the point that her beauty seemed in defiance of the natural order.

“Female beastman, please place your hand on the divine stone.” Wu looked towards Qian Jia with a frown. She didn’t know whether this female beastman would bring fortune or calamity to the tribe.

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