QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0973

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Chapter 973: Cursed All Eighteen Generations

In reality, her task was to save a master that courted death nonstop and make it so that her master could live a little longer in order to continue courting death?

She really wanted to shout towards this master: could you freakin’ cut it out?

The previous emperor had obviously done this in order to stop brotherly massacre. Xuan Xiaotian perhaps could’ve abided by the emperor’s edict and not attack Xuan Hongyu, but with this, Xuan Xiaotian would definitely kill Xuan Hongyu.

Ning Shu sighed helplessly. She seriously couldn’t understand Xuan Hongyu’s fixation. Towards things he cared about, he exhibited shocking possessiveness. For example, there was how he showed his love towards Shangguan Qingrou. He was even willing to hurt himself by cutting his own wrist in order to feed Shangguan Qingrou his blood.

However, towards things he didn’t care about, he completely ignored them, even when the thing in question was his own life. She really wondered if Xuan Hongyu knew the consequences of what he did? He probably did know, but he still did them.

The problem right now was that Ning Shu had no idea where Xuan Hongyu had kidnapped the person off to. Some of the hidden guards from the prince’s residence were also gone. They had probably left with Xuan Hongyu.

Ning Shu: …

His wife had gone missing. Xuan Xiaotian was instantly certain that Xuan Hongyu had been behind this, so he sent his subordinates to search the third prince’s residence.

The current Xuan Xiaotian was emperor, so wanting to search a prince’s residence was a piece of cake. He even personally led the search and overturned every piece of dirt in the residence, but he didn’t find Xuan Hongyu and Shangguan Qingrou.

Ning Shu had run off before Xuan Xiaotian had come to the residence and hidden herself. If she ended up captured by Xuan Xiaotian, she’d definitely be tortured. She’d probably be given a dose of everything including whips rubbed with chili, the tiger bench, the hot iron, and needles.

Ning Shu didn’t think she could endure these ruthless torture methods.

Xuan Xiaotian’s expression was very cold as he left the third prince’s residence without any harvest. He privately assigned more guards to search for Xuan Hongyu. To the outside world, his explanation was that he was looking for an escaped criminal.

The nation’s empress had gone missing. If this was revealed, it’d cause an uproar, so Xuan Xiaotian could only keep the information hidden.

Xuan Xiaotian was searching for Xuan Hongyu, and Ning Shu was also curious where Xuan Hongyu had run off to. He had caused Xuan Xiaotian to explode with fury. The moment an emperor raged, there would be a thousand miles of blood. Furthermore, what he did was something that gave the emperor a green hat. Ning Shu wished she could just give up saving Xuan Hongyu.

Xuan Xiaotian’s actions caused the capital to become very tense. Everyone thought that the new emperor was about to set his prestige by using his new blade on an example, so they all behaved themselves extremely well. Even the low-grade brothels had less business since guards would break in to search frequently. When people were in the middle of doing dat, the sudden search almost startled them to death.

Ning Shu had been hiding in an abandoned house, but when she saw that Xuan Xiaotian was searching like this, she had no choice but to return to the third prince’s residence to hide.

However, after several days of searching, they still weren’t able to find Xuan Hongyu. Too many things could’ve occurred during these days.

If Xuan Hongyu wanted to do something to Shangguan Qingrou, he would’ve already done it.

If this incident spread, even if nothing had happened between Shangguan Qingrou and Xuan Hongyu, her crime of losing her chastity was already set in stone.

Furthermore, it was questionable whether Xuan Xiaotian would believe that nothing had happened between them.

Xuan Xiaotian was already beyond himself with anxiousness. He had even more guards comb through the entire city, but they didn’t find Xuan Hongyu.

Ning Shu felt that Xuan Hongyu was definitely not in the capital. Perhaps he had run off to the base deep in the mountains. Ning Shu wanted to head back to that base to take a look, and while at it, check up on that child from back then. She wondered how that child was doing?

Ning Shu disguised herself and changed out of her martial attire into ordinary dull-colored female clothing. She inserted a cheap silver hairpin in her hair. The original host’s looks were ordinary from the start, so after dressing up this way, she stood out even less.

However, when Ning Shu reached the city gates, she found that they were guarded very tightly. All of the guards were holding paintings. Every single woman was stopped from heading out and were checked against the painting. If they looked like the painting, they would be arrested.

Ning Shu saw that her picture was posted on the wall as an arrest order. She was listed as wanted?

She wiped at her face. It was probably because Xuan Xiaotian couldn’t directly order the arrest of Xuan Hongyu, so all he could do was capture her and find Xuan Hongyu through her.

The problem was, she had no idea where Xuan Hongyu had run off to either.

Even if they did capture her, they wouldn’t be able to find Xuan Hongyu. Ning Shu couldn’t shake off the feeling that she had been trolled by Xuan Hongyu. Fudge, he was having her take all the fire for him without even letting her know where he had gone off to.

Ning Shu turned and left. There was no way she could leave the city with the search going on like this. As long as the guard felt that the woman seemed similar to the picture, they would capture her. They’d rather mistakenly kill than to let the actual person off. Ning Shu had no confidence that she would be able to make it through that search.

When she got back to the third prince’s residence, she found that some people were lingering outside the residence. They were clearly there to capture her.

That meant that she couldn’t even return to the third prince’s residence. She had no choice but to hide in another abandoned house. She couldn’t even go to an inn.

Ning Shu inwardly cursed all eighteen generations of Xuan Hongyu’s ancestors.

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