QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0640

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Chapter 640: Once, Her Manager Had Also…

Hospital fees were also a huge expense. Her manager had always taken care of them for her so Mai Douer hadn’t felt this way before, but now that the money was flowing out of her own hands, she felt like no matter how much money she had, it wasn’t enough. Even though she had a ten-million-dollar check, she still felt very uneasy.

Once her health had recovered enough, she left the hospital. However, when she got to the apartment, she found that she couldn’t open the door with her key.

It was only now that she recalled her contract had been terminated, so she had no choice but to go find a house. After that, she went out every day to audition for roles.

However, a lot of directors didn’t want her. The scandal about her being a mistress was still a pretty hot topic, so it was hard for Mai Douer to get any work.

Some licentious men said that they’d give Mai Douer a role if she kept them company for a night, but Mai Douer immediately refused.

Those men then said that Mai Douer was just pretending to be decent in order to raise the price. Who knew how many men she had already slept with?

Those men were just coming at her with a hunting prey sort of attitude. They just wanted to try the flavor of a woman Mo Juefeng had slept with before.

Ning Shu had been busy this entire time with her talents’ work. Qiu Xin was about to release a second album. The first one sold very well, so the company had decided to release another.

The current Qiu Xin had pretty much turned over a new leaf. She was completely different from before. With Qiu Xin under her management, Ning Shu finally gained some status in the company and was no longer an insignificant manager that could be fired at any time.

Xia Yi had also taken part in an idol drama. Though his acting was crappy enough it could give Mai Douer a run for her money, he had managed to enchant countless girls with his face and had gained some fame.

Ning Shu started bringing Xia Yi to all the filming locations to take on minor roles so that he could improve his acting skills. Xia Yi’s acting skills seriously sucked and he could only make it so far with his face. Who could guarantee that they’d always have good looks and that there wouldn’t be times when they didn’t look good?

Xia Yi didn’t like acting minor roles, but Ning Shu forcefully dragged him to them. He was always begging Ning Shu to have mercy and threatening to complain to the company to get out of acting these minor roles. His greatest complaint was: how was he supposed to show off his handsome face in such ugly clothing?

But Ning Shu paid no attention to him.

Ning Shu would occasionally see Mai Douer at the filming locations, but the directors didn’t want her even for small roles. Mai Douer seemed a lot skinner and very worn out.

When Mai Douer saw Ning Shu and Xia Yi, her gaze flickered. She didn’t greet them and moved to the side like she didn’t know them. It was clear that she didn’t want to talk to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu didn’t mind and help the arrogant little handsome get a very image-ruining minor role. Xia Yi wasn’t willing to take it, but Ning Shu kicked him into the changing room.

From the side, Mai Douer saw that Xia Yi was also acting minor roles and that Ning Shu was waiting at the side on him.

Once, her manager had always waited like this for her to finish filming, then handed her a towel and water. Mai Douer’s expression became a little dazed.

It was only now that she discovered how hard things were when she was completely on her own. She was extremely grateful that she hadn’t ripped the check back then, otherwise she had no idea how she would be living now.

Mai Douer turned and left. Ning Shu glanced over at Mai Douer’s back. This task was probably finished. Mai Douer no longer had Mo Juefeng’s protection so who knew if she would ever be able to become a film queen?

Of course, the possibility that Mo Juefeng might change his mind couldn’t be ruled out. However, with Qiu Xin present, it was very unlikely that Mo Juefeng would change his mind.

Ning Shu was pretty sure that Qiu Xin’s charm level was very high. After all, besieging men relied on charm. She had felt her heart stir even though she was a woman, so she could only imagine Qiu Xin’s effect on men.

As Ning Shu waited for Xia Yi in the car, she picked up an entertainment newspaper. It was filled with reports on Mo Juefeng and Qiu Xin. They were always showing off their affection in different places.

Actually, Ning Shu had to admit her respect for Qiu Xin. In the newspaper photos, Qiu Xin’s eyes seemed filled with deep passion as she looked at Mo Juefeng, and how Mo Juefeng looked at her was obvious, his eyes were filled with doting affection.

She didn’t know if Qiu Xin truly liked Mo Juefeng or was just acting, but she could tell that Qiu Xin was a woman that cared about the task above all else, so it probably wasn’t possible for her to fall in love with a man that was a part of her task.

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