QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0607

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Chapter 607: Fame Built on Insults

Mai Douer felt that her acting was pretty good and the more she watched, the more satisfied she became. Ning Shu took in Mai Douer’s delighted expression, then quietly pushed her notebook in front of Mai Douer.

She wondered if Mai Douer’s mood could stay that good after she saw all the insults people wrote about her online.

Mai Douer browsed through the online threads. The more she read, the worse her facial color became and the more she frowned. She was infuriated and her voice trembled as she shouted, “That’s just the role! It’s fine if they attack the character, but why are they attacking me? I’m not a vixen! They don’t know anything, but they’re attacking me like this?”

Mai Douer was so angry that she started crying. She wanted to smash the computer so Ning Shu hastily snatched the notebook out of her hand and said mildly, “I told you from the start that this role was too villainous.”

Mai Douer had to keep taking deep breaths. It was clear that she was about to go crazy from anger. Ning Shu consoled her and said, “This means that your role was still quite a success. From the start, this role was made to garner hatred.”

Mai Douer wasn’t crying, but she seemed like she wanted to, so her expression was a little distorted. She clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug into her flesh. Finally, she said, “No matter what, I have some fame now and so I can take on other roles to get rid of this influence.”

Ning Shu said with a smile, “You’re right. Your acting career will be very long and this role is just one among many.”

Mai Douer did have a bit of fame now. Even though this fame was due to people’s disgust, it was still fame. However, no one came to seek her out for a role.

Mai Douer thought that directors would start looking for her now that she had made a name for herself, but even after waiting in the apartment for so long, no one called her. She felt that nothing would change if she just waited at home, so she wanted to go participate in auditions.

Ning Shu ignored the fact that Mai Douer was jumping around anxiously since she had more important things to deal with. Qiao Yi’s album was about to be released so she had been really busy during this period of time.

After Qiao Yi’s album was released, there wasn’t a boom of sales, but the sales volume was slowly increasing, which Ning Shu was very happy about.

In all honesty, talent managers should aim to support people like Qiao Yi who had their heads screwed on right. People like Mai Douer who lived inside their own worlds were nothing but trouble.

Meanwhile, Mai Douer had gone to auditions for a lot of roles, but she wasn’t able to get a single one. Some directors directly said that she didn’t know how to act, and those people were famous directors too.

This made Mai Douer feel very defeated. She clearly already had a work of her own. Although she didn’t necessarily have to be the female lead, why couldn’t she get the roles of the supporting leads?

She dragged her weary body back home only to see that her manager was currently discussing the sales situation of the album with Qiao Yi. It seemed that the sales were getting better. When Mai Douer saw the smile of Qiao Yi’s face, her heart ached with bitter jealousy.

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