QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0632

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Chapter 632: Red Operation Lights…

Ning Shu hastily went over to lift Mai Douer, shove her into the car, and drive towards the hospital.

When she glanced down, she saw that her hand was stained red and Mai Douer’s pants were being dyed by blood.

What was this situation? It looked like Mai Douer was having a miscarriage, but she had already gotten an abortion though?

Ning Shu wiped the blood off with tissue, then started driving even faster.

The moment they got to the hospital, Mai Douer was sent into the operating room. As Ning Shu looked at the red operation lights, she was completely speechless.

She had never met someone so good at courting death. A lot of what Mai Douer suffered were things she brought onto herself.

The doors to the operation room opened and a nurse came out. Ning Shu asked, “What’s the current situation?”

“The patient’s womb has ruptured and she’s lost a lot of blood. I’m heading towards the blood bank to get blood bags.” The nurse then hurried off.

Ning Shu: …

Her womb has ruptured? Could it be that Mo Juefeng’s kick had been enough to rupture her womb?

Fudge, things were happening so fast that she could barely keep up. Mo Juefeng and Mai Douer suddenly became great enemies and Mo Juefeng was completely disgusted with Mai Douer.

However, for better or for worse, Mai Douer was a female lead. The way she was falling was pretty much like the speed of a descending escalator.

Could it be because Mai Douer had gotten rid of the child?

She just couldn’t understand it.

The operation took quite a while. It was nearly three hours before Mai Douer was pushed out. Mai Douer’s facial color was so pale that she looked almost dead.

“The patient had gotten an abortion recently but hadn’t recovered very well so her womb was a little infected. A huge force has caused her womb to rupture, so in the future, it’ll probably be difficult for her to have any children,” said the doctor as he shook his head.

Ning Shu was a little taken aback, but she immediately thanked the doctor.

She couldn’t help but frown. For some reason, she felt like something was off. Things were developing way too strangely.

When Mai Douer woke up, she looked like the sky was falling around her. It was clear that she was completely heartbroken that Mo Juefeng treated her that way.

Ning Shu hadn’t even told Mai Douer about the situation of her body yet. Once she found out, she would probably be in even more despair.

In the end, Mai Douer found out about her inability to have children from the doctor.

Afterwards, she was frozen for a very long time before she finally burst out crying.

“Why!? Why!?” Mai Douer yanked at her hair with both hands as she wailed, “Why did Mo Juefeng treat me this way!? Why!?”

Ning Shu really wanted to cover her ears. Was there any point mentioning Mo Juefeng in this kind of situation? Her body was already ruined to this point, but instead of focusing on recovering, she was just making herself feel worse by moaning over the past.

Ning Shu really couldn’t understand.

Because Mai Douer was getting too stirred up, the doctor had to give her a depressant to get her to calm down.

As Ning Shu took in Mai Douer’s overly pale complexion, she wondered if it was really that sad. As a spectator, she didn’t find this romance touching at all, so was there a need to be so hurt over it?

From start to finish, all Ning Shu saw was that Mai Douer was hurt, very hurt, extremely hurt. However, Mo Juefeng didn’t see any of it, so what point was there in her grieving so much and ruining her own health?

While Mai Douer was still hospitalized, the director called her to let her know that her role as the female lead was taken away by a higher up.

That someone was definitely Mo Juefeng. Mo Juefeng was the producer of this work, so he could have the actors change whenever he wanted to. If it came to it, they could just refilm the whole thing. After all, he was rich so he had the right to be willful.

When Mai Douer got this call, she was stunned for a moment, then she smashed her phone and buried her head in her arms as she cried.

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