QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0700

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Chapter 700: Wasn’t Easy to be the Chairperson

Ning Shu settled all the beastmen down, then said to Zhi, “Look after them, I’m going to make a trip back to the tribe.”

Zhi looked at Ning Shu who was covered with blood and asked in a trembling voice, “What are you going back for? It’s too dangerous. Cao, rest for a while first.”

Ning Shu shook her head. “I need to go back to look for stone pots.”

There was originally a pool in this cavern, but the water had gotten muddy due to the earthquake so it was no longer drinkable.

An additional sun had appeared in the sky too. She could already feel the weather changing. The thick blanket of snow was already beginning to melt.

It was likely that a drought would soon occur. She had to make preparations beforehand and make sure to store enough water.

She left the cavern, then revolved her energy to move a large rock in front of the cavern entrance, leaving a gap so that the people inside would have air.

Beneath the light of the three suns, the entire world was extremely bright. It was so sunny that it was blinding.

Her eyes were literally starting to burn from the brightness of the sun, so she ran towards the tribe as fast as she could. She could feel her body starting to burn.

Snow wasn’t the worst thing, droughts were the most terrifying since people couldn’t live without water.

Ning Shu ran back to the tribe and saw that it was completely destroyed. There were no signs of life left.

She stomped through the snow to search the tribe. Whenever she found a cave that hadn’t collapsed yet, she would go inside to see if there was anything that could be used to hold water.

She found quite a few stone pots. She had been hoping to also get some jars, but all the jars had cracked in the earthquake.

She made multiple trips to carry the stone pots to the cavern.

Then she had the female beastmen fill the stone pots with clean snow in order to build up a stock of water.

She had a really bad premonition.

The original host didn’t know what happened to this world after she died. All she knew was that after the huge earthquake, an epidemic started spreading and an additional sun had appeared in the sky.

The world was seriously messing with them.

Zhi was the first to respond to Ning Shu. She started filling the pot with fistfuls of snow and packing it in.

The other females soon started doing the same and some young female beastmen helped out as well.

Once the stone pots were filled with snow, the females worked together to carry the stone pots into the cavern.

Ning Shu asked, “Who knows how to make stone pots? This bit of water won’t be enough.”

“I do.” Xie stepped forward. Ning Shu hadn’t expected that she would survive. Xie continued, “However, we need a special type of rock. I know where to get that rock.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Lead me there.”

Xie followed Ning Shu out of the cavern and Ning Shu pushed a large rock in front of the cavern before leaving.

The rock needed to make the stone pots were rather soft. The material didn’t seem to really be rock.

She gathered a lot of them and brought them back. Each one was about the size of a table so Ning Shu was the only one that could carry them.

As she lugged them on her shoulders, she felt her legs trembling. However, she still managed to carry all of them back.

Xie then started making stone pots.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu headed to the salt mine to get some salt since there were so many people that she needed to feed.

It sure wasn’t easy to be the chairperson of the women’s association.

She carried back a basketful of salt, then started dividing up work for the females to do. The first task was to find firewood. She told them that it was best to stay in a group and not to wander too far away because it might be dangerous.

There were a lot of wild animals in the jungle.

After they got firewood, Ning Shu realized that they didn’t have anything to start a fire with.Could it be that they’d have to resort to drilling wood to make fire?

Why was the prehistoric society so hard to live in? She seriously couldn’t understand how Qian Jia adapted to this place so easily.

There was no other choice though, so she started drilling wood, but she wasn’t able to get a single spark to show up.

The female beastmen just watched Ning Shu silently. Finally, a little tiger used his claw to scratch at a rock. Sparks flew out and lit the dry grass.

Ning Shu: …

Please forgive her ignorance. She really hadn’t known that claws could be used this way.

After a fire was started, with the leaping flames lighting up the room, everyone felt a little calmer.

Ning Shu said to Zhi, “Come with me to hunt.”

“Hunt?” Zhi was taken aback, but she still followed Ning Shu out of the cavern.

Ning Shu pushed a large stone in front of the entrance, then said to Zhi, “Did you tell them about the cured meat?”

Zhi shook her head. “It’s better for you to talk about this, so I didn’t say anything.”

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