QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0704

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Chapter 704: Bestowed by the Divinity

There were now a hundred marks on the wall. It had already been three months, but there were no signs of the heat going down at all.

In the cavern, some female beastmen and children were already showing signs of diarrhea and dehydration. Ning Shu boiled prunella tea for them to drink in hopes that it would help.

Everyone was fighting with the sky and trying to survive in these harsh conditions.

Ning Shu couldn’t help but wonder if that so-called Divinity was trying to destroy all life in this world. A magical being like that would probably be able to take away a sun easily.

However, he probably didn’t even remember that such a place existed. This world was probably an existence as insignificant as an ant to him.

“Cao, a female beastman can’t hold up anymore,” said Zhi as she walked to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu looked over. The female beastman was very skinny and also looked pretty old. Her constitution was too poor. In these conditions, the first ones to fall were always the children and elderly.

“Tribe Chief, no need to give me medicine anymore, I don’t have much longer left, so leave the herbs for the other beastmen,” said the female beastman that was lying on the ground. Her eyes were slightly yellow and there was white spittle at the corners of her lips. She truly didn’t seem to have much time left.

Ning Shu used a stone bowl to feed her some water. The female beastman’s facial color improved somewhat after she drank the water, but she still died that night.

Ning Shu inwardly sighed and had people carry the corpse out of the cavern. She managed to dig out a rough hole to bury the beastmen.

As she took in how weak and worn out everyone looked, she questioned whether she would be able to complete her task. However, they had no choice but to just continue enduring things.

One thing that Ning Shu was gratified to find was that the male children were growing up and were now able to hunt a little while working together.

With these little male beastmen present, this tribe would be able to continue on.

This group had fully separated from Winged Tigers Tribe and become a new tribe. Everything new came with tearing pain as well as joy.

The future of this tribe would rest on these children’s shoulders, so Ning Shu would also bring young females out with her on every hunt.

If they wanted to survive in this harsh world, they had to possess skills and learn to hunt themselves. Since they couldn’t transform, they should just learn to use tools. There existed no animal that couldn’t be killed.

Ning Shu didn’t want these young females to take the same path as their predecessors because if they were abandoned by male beastmen, their fates would be that of waiting for death in despair.

There was nothing that couldn’t be achieved. All that mattered was whether a person was willing to work hard for it or not.

Ning Shu slowly taught these female beastmen how to hunt and use tools.

However, females had weak inherently weak constitutions which limited their ability. Ning Shu wanted to teach these females Unsurpassable Martial Arts. Even if they couldn’t form that strand of energy, at the very least they’d gain some ability to protect themselves.

“2333, I want to buy back Unsurpassable Martial Arts. How many points will it take?” Back when she first got the manual, she had sold it to the system for a hundred points.

2333 answered, “A thousand points.”

Ning Shu: WTF!?

“When I sold it, the system had only given me a hundred points, but now it’s demanding one thousand for buying it back? Why don’t you guys just become bandits!?” Ning Shu almost jumped to her feet in outrage.

Fudge, something that belonged to her had finally come back to her after taking a trip around, but it came with a loss of nine hundred points.

It was all due to her inexperience. Had she known earlier, she wouldn’t have sold it to the system.

Ning Shu gritted her teeth as she said, “Exchange.”

As long as it belonged to her, she had the right to control this manual and could teach its contents to whoever she wanted.

As expected, it was best to keep things in your own possession.

Ning Shu called the female beastmen over to start teaching them the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. She didn’t have any expectations for them. She was just hoping that their descendant’s genes would slowly improve.

As she had expected, these females looked completely baffled. They couldn’t comprehend something this high-leveled at all. Ning Shu just said that this was something the Divinity had bestowed upon the tribe so every female was to practice it.

Ning Shu had no plans of teaching the male beastmen Unsurpassable Martial Arts. They already possessed the overpowered ability to transform. If she taught them this, then they’d probably be able to soar into the skies and live among the suns.

Ning Shu only meant for the females to become a little stronger so that they wouldn’t be completely reliant on the males. Otherwise, they’d die the moment they separated from the males.

The moment the female beastmen heard that this was something the Divinity bestowed on them, although they were still baffled, they worked hard to train despite not knowing what they were doing at all.

Ning Shu taught Zhi all the chants and had Zhi memorize them so she could continue passing it on. Zhi’s head wasn’t nimble enough to understand the chants so she had to learn them by rote memorization.

Ning Shu started considering the issue of passing on the position of Wu. She gave the divine stone Wu had given her to the young females to see if any of them were capable of communicating with the divine stone and becoming Wu.

The existence of a Wu was rational. Since this world was created by a god, then they should believe in a god.

Ning Shu really looked forward to having this kind of power one day as well.

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