QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0699

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Chapter 699: Surrounded By Wolves

Hot blood splashed onto the ground, dying the pure snow red. Ning Shu lifted the stick to stab the wolf that was pouncing towards her.

On the way to the cavern, Ning Shu’s group had encountered a pack of wild wolves that quickly surrounded them.

Her heart sank, but she maintained a composed expression as she faced off with these wolves.

The original host had died at the claws of wolves. These animals were crafty and ruthless.

A lot of female beastmen were crying from fear. They didn’t even have the courage to lift their wooden sticks to fight with these wolves.

Ning Shu gripped her stick tightly while saying calmly, “I’m here, so you guys will be fine. These animals want our lives, but we also have the strength to bite them to death!”

Zhi, who was standing next to Ning Shu, echoed, “That’s right! I’m not scared at all!”

If it weren’t for the tremble in her voice, Ning Shu would’ve been completely convinced.

The wolves liked the children the female beastmen were holding the most and kept trying to drag these children away.

“Keep a good grip on the children!” shouted Ning Shu sharply as she stabbed a wolf that was trying to drag a child away.

“If these animals try to attack us, use the wooden sticks you’re holding! If we don’t do anything, then we can just wait to be killed by these wolves and eaten,” said Ning Shu.

The female beastmen started crying softly. Ning Shu took the initiative to attack first and started stabbing the wolves in a frenzy. The only thought on her mind was that she had to survive.

When enemies meet on a narrow path, the brave wins.

Ning Shu saw out of the corner of her eye that a child beastman had been dragged out and had his neck snapped by a wolf. The child’s cries instantly stopped. She didn’t even have the chance to turn towards that wolf before it killed the child.

She bit her lips hard as her heart clenched in pain and she threw her stick towards the wolf dragging the corpse.

She ate a piece of spirit essence crystal, then used all her strength to smash the wolf’s head with her stick. The wolf’s head cracked and exploded.

Ning Shu started killing wolves like she was smashing watermelons.

“Everyone, just a little more! The wolves are almost all dead!” shouted Zhi when she saw Ning Shu’s heroic manner.

The pack of wolves finally withdrew, but they still dragged what corpses they could get with them. Ning Shu closed her eyes.

She didn’t fight to snatch the corpses of the beastmen back because once the wolves ate these corpses, they would be full, which meant that their group would be out of danger for a while.

Life was simply this harsh.

Ning Shu’s arms felt weak and were trembling uncontrollably.

“Let’s go.” Ning Shu saw that their group’s numbers had decreased, but she didn’t have time to linger on this. She turned and headed towards the cavern.

Ning Shu saw that some of the female beastmen were struggling to run while carrying the children, so she took one in each hand and also placed one on her back.

Her muscles pulsed faintly with pain. She had torn them.

However, they eventually made it to the cavern. She thought that the violent earthquake would make the cavern collapse, but fortunately even though some parts had caved in, it hadn’t completely collapsed.

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